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If you're suggesting that we can have perfect intentions of the heart, I'm sorry to disappoint you but even our own hearts condemn us. Our only salvation and hope is in the rigtheousness of Christ "that is from God and is by faith."


 2005/3/12 3:11


Brother Frank,

As we discussed the other day about Paul coming to perfection in regards to Christ living out his life. That his faith Christ perfected or finished and now, though living in the shell (flesh) he was living by the another kind of faith, a higher faith that is no longer limited to a measure.

Paul said "Let us move unto perfection" meaning that perfection is attainable and that is the goal the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. It was also the Joy that was set before Christ before His passion.

Now alot of people get this wild idea that perfection is attainable in the flesh, this is not true. Perfection will never come by way of the flesh thus the flesh has no part in this, as the outer court was left out when it was being measured.

Perfection has nothing to do with YOU or I. It all has to do with a SEED called Christ. It's Christ in you the hope of glory that is being perfected.

We have for years looked down upon ourselves and we say, "I am not worthy", etc.. Yes, we are not worthy, but HE is and we need to feed ourselves the sincere milk of the word because that seed that is in you desires it, because it's babe. Now we grow in grace and in more knowledge of the LORD Jesus Christ. Christ in us is growing to maturity, then you see the power of God in demonstration. Sometimes the power of God is demontrated at an early start in our Christian expirence but that doesn't mean that that person has reached perfection, nor doesn't mean that he has any wisdom or understanding, most times they don't have any. But I am not talking about those things, but the perfection.

That is why we decrease as we move closer and closer to this goal, I don't have to say anything about this those who are reading this post understand fully what I am saying. They have done many things for the LORD but when they look back at the things they have done, it would seem they have done nothing. And rightly so, because they are seeing that Christ has done it all.

NEVER think that that you in yourself will ever come to perfection, remember it has nothing to do with you, it has to do with seed investment that God placed in you, Christ. The things the Holy Spirit see in our lives he purges out, because they are not apart of the refitting. We are being renovated, every aspect of our being is being looked over carefully, every nook and cranny will not be left unnoticed, "He will thoroughly purge His floor". And Praise God for this, because I can't do it, I can't do it, I can't do it!

Christians who go about saying they are perfect are only fooling themselves. This damnable heresay called the Word of Faith movement has many sincere people doing this very act right now. But you see, perfection doesn't come that way, perfection is LIFE. You won't have to say you are perfect it will be resident in your being, people will feel it, know it. People will jump in your shadow to be healed.

Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life. Two things He is presenting here, Resurrection and Life. "That they might have life and life more abundantly". Again, two things He is presenting, Life and Abundant Life. Every word that Jesus spoke was like Samuels words they didn't fall to the ground, they had meaning and if you pay attention to the wording you will begin to understand something.

I have very little faith, if any. I think your faith Frank is great. I know that God has many things for you and I know that you are confident that He has. And being a babe in Christ, you have grown much and and have endured much. I envy you in some ways, your simplicity of life something that I have longed to be again. And yet God has blessed me financially and If God told me today to leave it all I would without a forethought. And perhaps that is why I am blessed this way, because He knows that I would.

It would be nice to look in that mirror the mirror of the perfect law of liberty so that we can all see how far Christ has grown in our lives. Perhaps He is twelve, and beginning to ask questions, that would be a sign to the believer who is getting into the deeper things of the Spirit by asking questions he feels in his spirit.

We have all done it, we have laid upon our beds and we have asked deep questions to the LORD. Where do those thoughts originate? From deep within, "Deep calleth unto deep". God puts those ideas there, and when we are alone and quiet enough we hear them, and we speak His will into His ears, because "he knoweth what we have need of before we even pray".

God be with you, amen.


 2005/3/12 20:12

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