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 how to be like Christ?

how do you take adversity from the hand of the Lord and not get angry? how do you forgive when wronged? how do you be like Christ?

 2012/9/16 19:39

 Re: how to be like Christ?

I could write some Christian platitude, or a list of scriptures found by searching “trials” and “suffering,” all from the comfort of my lazy-boy, but I know from experience that neither is helpful.

The truth is this: If God has a serious call on your life, He will allow all kinds of tests to come your way in an attempt to help you die to your self will, including the use of others' bad behavior. Eventually, you will desire only His will and be able to see God’s hand in the things that don’t go your way. Doesn’t mean that you won’t stumble at times, but it does get easier.

Pray, pray, and pray some more. Some times you will have a very hard time praying, but don’t beat yourself up – you’ll come around. God commands you to forgive and He’ll help you. Don’t hold people to your expectations. What they do is God’s business. Learn to trust that God has a reason for everything He’s allowed.

If you read the Psalms, really read them, David covers about every emotion towards God, including anger. One time he even asks him, “Hey, are you asleep?” when God wasn’t answering his prayers (my vernacular ☺).

I’ve lost a 17 year old son, a husband, my home, my money, my standing in the community and church (Christian men do not trust divorced women – even if their husband left them for another woman). I now work for $10.82/hr. at a big box store, take care of my elderly Mom, and am buried in debt, and a host of other trials.

The call on my life is unique, and if yours is, too, don’t expect to be Mr. Popularity or for others to be overly concerned about your trials. Most people can barely handle their own troubles, let alone shoulder yours. I was blessed to have two Pastors that had been through fiery trials, and they prayed with me, for me, and were my greatest advocates. Try to find a godly mentor, who isn’t fascinated by the juicy details, and can do the same for you. There are not a lot of them, but they’re out there.

When I hear the words of Mother Basilea Schlink, “If God could have taken you any other way, He would have,” I think, “Wow, I must have been a tough nut to crack!” Some days I hurt and pity myself, but like a muscle, my faith is building up and the days are farther and fewer between.

God Bless you Noah. Don’t give up. I usually don’t write a long response – I apologize. I just pray it helps you make sense out of your troubles.

 2012/9/16 22:05

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Hello 100fold,

Good luck with that: You stated the "the call on my life is unique", sorry :-).

In your second to the last paragraph, you stated,"When I hear the words of Mother Basilia Schlink, "If God could have taken you any other way, He would have, "I think, "Wow, I must have been a tough nut to crack!".. Why are you so angry 100fold.

I am not familiar with this person, nor your statement.

100fold, i was reading a book called "Equality" i thought i would share it with you here on SI, it broke my heart and i cried. In the end it is our God, Abba Father we must give an account too. I know you feel the same. It is an awesome thing to be able to have a relationship with the God that we serve, whom we love with all of our hearts, mind, and soul, nation wide.
Equality wants to be free from his brothers.

In the book, Equality wants freedom and needs to tell the Scholars that he is a free man. Fraternity, Solidarity, International, The Golden One, and Prometheus are different people but in some ways the same. . There is a part in this book that describes the symbols and the people in this book. We all know that there might be a sad ending or a happy ending. At the end of the book we learn that Equality feel's that he needs freedom. But he is stuck and he goes to a tunnel to realize that there is light in a way that we see it. If we do not see light, we are afraid that we can loose our lives and be destroyed.

In the book Equality says, that "I shall fight", I and my sons and my chosen friends. For the freedom of man. Equality wants to make a statement and wants to tell the council that "I am not Equality, I have my own name and I shall be myself and that's how it should be". In the tunnel Equality learns that there is light on the other side, but he can't go because he is trapped in a camp / shelter / facility. The tunnel is a symbol of protection and in a place to think for Equality. .

Equality brothers - International, Fraternity, Solidarity, The Golden one, and the collective Prometheus, are all believing in Equality to tell the council that he is a free man that he needs freedom. Equality is always with his brothers he knows that not only Equality will be free but all his brothers will be free as well.

In the book Equality talks about his life and his freedom and most important his Honor. Equality life has not been easy but it also has not been perfect. In Equality life is horrible and sad. He fights for freedom and when he is lonely he goes to the tunnel. Equality life is never the same but he fights to the end, to meet the council and to tell them and his brothers, that he wants his freedom.

Equality doesn't know whathe wants to do with his freedom. He is thinking that if he leaves he will not be the man / number that will suffer and be tormented to the council. Equality would have his brothers to have freedom and to be with him to the end, whether they die or whether he tells them that he has his freedom, but not them. He will still be with his brothers. If Equality wants freedom or needs it or his brothers with him, that's his choice.

Honor, Honor, Honor it will keep repeating many times to Equality. Honor is a strong word it tells people that you have respect for others. For Equality to have honor he needs to show the council that the word honor is a symbol of strength and respect. But Equality doesn't have respect for the council, he doesn't even like them the only thing he wants is freedom. Honor is not just a symbol it is a feeling that Equality needs to believe in himself to tell anyone that he has respect for his brothers but for himself as well. Equality has Honor i know if he is a fighter and he can succeed to greatness but that can only happen if Equality believes in himself.

This proves to us that we can be like Equality at some point and we can find and recieve and catch our freedom, if we just believe in what we do in life.

 2012/9/17 5:15Profile


When a Christian learns to surrender their will to God, is it a huge blessing and one of the greatest gifts - not something to be angry about. Reading about the Apostle Paul is an encouragement for those who must learn to endure suffering like a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and is a better resource than a book on Equality.

I sincerely do not understand your allegorical response or how it pertains to Noah's concerns. I prayed that Noah continues to press on through his trials, and over time surrendering his will, he will become more Christ like. And I encouraged him to find a godly mentor, as this discussion page cannot provide the full support he needs. And talked about forgiveness.

I don't debate, so after this acknowledgement, I hope you have clarity.

 2012/9/17 23:26

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