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 Prayer for Revival (A sermon by Martyn Llyod-Jones)

Text preached from: Exodus 33:12-16
Length 43:26

Listen to the Sermon:

[b][url=]Praying For Revival[/url][/b]

[i]Some short-nots of the sermon:[/i]
Moses was not satisified with the spiritual condition of Israel. And he goes into the temple to pray for something more, something extra. Revival by definiton is something quite out of the ordinary.

Revival is just not of being more aware of God and being blessed by God. Is there anything desirable beyond ephesians 5:18? Revival is beyond this, something exceptional. Moses who has had so much, goes back to plead for more. What is this extra, this additional need?

*He prays for assurance. v13 (moses is not conent with the knoweldge that he is accepted of God. He knew about God, but he want a personal knowelge of God, he wants an absolute certainity of it. Give me a glimpse in a plan of workings in the world.)

*The prayer for power. v15 (moses was aware of the strength of the enemy and the great magnitude of need and the immensity of the problem. 1 cor 2:3-6).

*He prayed for a special authentication of the Chruch and her mission. v16 (the church is meant to be seperate and unique. We need something that can not be explained in human terms. We need God to get the Church into a place where its unique.)

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 Re: Prayer for Revival (A sermon by Martyn Llyod-Jones)

This is to underline the invitation to listen to Lloyd-Jones’ Praying for Revival.

A solid and relevant reminder of some fundamental “things that the intercessors always have concentrated upon” in approaching the Father regarding the state of His people and the necessary rescue and recovery operation which we define by using the word Revival.

Intercession, a deep hunger for, an intense longing for a thorough and direct knowledge of God – often defined as His face shining upon His people.

Intercession, an absolute necessity in the face of the tremendous task to settle in the purpose of God. No measure of enthusiasm, ever so great, will replace the true, intervening power of God to establish a testimony.

Intercession securing a special authentication of the church and her mission underscoring the uniqueness of this gathering of a people unto God, a royal priesthood redeemed unto God.

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