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 Quotes by K.P. Yohannan from September 7, 2012 prayer meeting:

Quotes by K.P. Yohannan from September 7, 2012 prayer meeting:

The sad thing about the evangelical church-- we have shifted from the understanding of godliness and the ways of God with our body and our soul and our spirit-- we have reduced it to mental assent and understanding and explanation and more knowledge.

To explain it (Philippians 1:12) more simply, he (Apostle Paul) says, brothers and sisters, I evaluate everything I have to deal with and I face with the one thing on my mind: how will it help for others to come to know the Lord. In this he followed in the footsteps of his Master.

The modern Christianity says, Christ died on the cross, he was buried and rose again, to give you forgiveness of sins and give you a wonderful wholesome life, and a good family, and all the understanding and the power of the Holy Spirit, to raise your children in a godly manner and finally get to heaven and receive the crown. Far from the teaching of the New Testament Christianity.

Now we read the books and the stories (Moravian missionaries) and try to feel the emotions but we just don't want to pay the price.

Two billion people still wait desperately to hear, Jesus died on the cross-- and they never heard that name.
But for us, life will go on as if this is not happening.

I think it is fundamental for us to understand, it is not natural for any of us to feel the agony, the pain, and to be focused like this.

It's been over forty-four years I've been serving the Lord, my brothers and sisters, I wish, I wish I could tell you, I've made it, it's so easy for me to be in prayer meetings and travel and do this and that. It only gets more difficult and it's a choice I must make knowing why I do it.

A genuine walk with God is not easy. A lot of people give up their journey with the Lord and commitment to impact the world because the journey gets difficult and more difficult.

If you are looking for satisfaction, peace, comfort, and God answering all your prayers, and everything going well, and your children are superstars, angels, no fault, everything perfect, you are in for big trouble.

Look at the life of Christ. Was it easy for him to be on earth, doing the will of His Father?

How many times, even the best of his loved disciples like Peter would say, please Jesus, please this is cultish behaviour, this is wrong, this is extremism, this is not normal, this is far-out, this is not the balanced Christianity, don't do it. Jesus knew that Peter loved Him but He said, Peter you are speaking not by the Spirit of My Father. I must go to the cross. And I must go to the cross, not for my sake.

If you read the Scripture, unless the seed falls into the ground and dies, it remains as it is.

The most powerful motivation for us to continue embracing the cross, and see we bleed, yet we will not leave the cross, it is the vision of the day when we see Him face to face, not alone, but the multitudes that no man can number, no man can count, around the throne.

When Paul says, these light afflictions, what are these-- I mean it's insane, you read 2 Corinthians. Please I beg of you, read it sometime. These are light afflictions?

But, there is no full stop, nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the the glory that is going to be revealed in this mortal flesh.

I have seen enough, in this brief journey of mine, how many started, young, vibrant, radical, but when they get married, everything changes, it begins slow, then they get children, things change further, then grandchildren, things change still further.

Is this the way of Christ? He spilled His blood. He didn't save us without pain and agony and suffering.

But I conclude with this, Hebrews chapter 12 verse two, "For the joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross."

I can't wait for the Lord to come back in my lifetime, or to say goodbye to this earthen vessel and to see Him.

I encourage you to join me and say no to self, and embrace the cross, not out of guilt or condemnation or force but rather, Lord, blood was the price You paid to purchase me, and no sacrifice, no difficulties, to fulfill Your hearts desire to reach the lost world, that never heard Your name, and are going toward hell, and I don't want to hold my life back.

It is a privilege the Lord has given to us, let us be grateful.


We confess to You, our Lord, it's so easy for us to read, to hear, even to teach and speak these truths, but our enemy continues within us fighting, calling us to compromise and embrace that easy road, and Lord we are feeble, we are weak, and without Your grace and Your mercy Lord we cannot make it and we will not make it, and people who are more enlightened than us, scholarly and well-learned and devout, how many of them have fallen by the wayside. Your grace and mercy alone can sustain us. You called us to go into the whole world. You called us to go as the Father has sent You. Lord you called us with a call, one in a million, to be Yours for the sake of those who never heard the gospel. Please O God, give us grace. If there be even one individual here, their heart is getting cold, and looking for every rationale to compromise and slow down and become self-centered, O God I pray, through the power of the Holy Spirit, You will touch those hearts. Help us O Lord, to come back to You, to the First Love. Rekindle O Lord the flames that are slowly now dying. Lord, give us Your heart, take eternity, we pray O God, a prayer from the old missionary, and stamp it upon our eyes. Dear Lord Jesus, break our hearts with the things that break Your heart. We are weak and feeble, we don't have the faith and the energy, and we ask You O Lord please, for the power of the Holy Spirit, touch our hearts, and give us the joy and enthusiasm and may You open our eyes to see life beyond this earthly existence. And thank you dear Master, for Your faithfulness, that You called us to follow You, and look at You, and run this race. And thank You for my brothers and sisters, for the joy of being part of this community, and thank You, You are a faithful God, and You lead us. In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord we pray, Amen.

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 Re: Quotes by K.P. Yohannan from September 7, 2012 prayer meeting:

Dear Brother,

Thank you for doing this! I was able to watch this live and was impacted and blessed by his sharing these things.

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