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 Re: All of the Apostles left ALL, and followed Him Wherever he went. We must also.

This is a whole lot different than what Peter did. Peter was called into the ministry and when Jesus died he went back to work. There was nothing wrong in what Peter did. We are critical of Peters actions here. He went back to work. But once Pentecost came there was no reason to return to that work any longer, he had something else do, like feeding sheep and lambs.

Unless Krispy has been called do so some great work where he is at, then he can basically do what he needs to do to support his family. The only way he is going to know is by direct command, or by just going ahead with the offers that are being presented to him. He's been praying for a job for a long time, struggled to make ends meet and now this comes along, sounds like a Godsend. Just because it's a high paying job doesn't mean that it's of the devil. We have this stupid mindset that if it's not poor and menial then it must be of the devil.

The only issue that I see is leaving North Carolina. No one wants to uproot their family to go to another state. That means starting over, but it also means starting over with a job and the means to support your family.

This just might be the change you need. The change that takes you away from the things that are familiar to you. God has always uprooted people to show them a better place where He can show them what He plans for them. And sometimes the places that are familiar to us can be a hindrance.

A new state, a new home, new surroundings, new routes, new people, new friends, new challenges, new responsibilities, new hope, new fellowship, behold all things have become new.

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 Re: Prayer Request - Krispy


It seems a lot of people are talking about you, but I am going to talk TO are of course the head of your home, but God gave your wife as a helpmeet, and I think you are quite wise to consider what she might also hear FROM GOD on the matter. You indicated that you are both on the fence. It is no small matter to uproot your children in their teen years. Of course you must make a living for them... But as a wife who has seen the foundations destroyed for our children, I think it is equally, if not more important to consider the spiritual climate you will have in the raising of your children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Yes - God often tells us to do the unlikely, the uncomfortable, the seemingly impossible. But just make sure it is OF HIM, and not just because a company is waving $$ in front of you. If you go to where they are located, find out about the homeschooling community, and look for likeminded churches in the area before you even go. This is just my 2 cents as a wife, but I have told my husband I'd rather live in a shack than to lose my children to the world....I hope I am not coming across as telling you WHAT to do....I am only sharing from the perspective of our experience...May God give you VERY CLEAR DIRECTION...

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 Re: Prayer Request - Krispy

I would like to put in a few cents as someone who has both moved and been moved. As a child, I lived in several locations in the States and abroad. I didn't have any trouble with this but my brothers did. The reason they had trouble was because they had ambitions for themselves in acedemics, sports and socially. Among my siblings, we found that most of our friends were not true friends but acquaintances of mutual benefit and once we were separated our paths diverged drastically to the point that after a year's absence the mutuality was gone and the friendship was only based on memories. If your children are really born again, the Spirit can make the reality of being aliens and strangers on the Earth a physical, practical reality to them and use it as a tool to reveal just how worldly they really are. When you kids move they will desire to establish the depth of relationships they had in NC which when they find friends can help them form deeper relationships more quickly, something that can very useful if the Lord allows your kids to go to college.

I say all that only to show the other side of this choice. In your post you mention that money, benefits, paid vacation and hours were some of the most important factors, at least as far as you have shared with us. Why are you looking for work? Hasn't God been providing for you on a daily basis through this work? Aren't we commanded not to worry about what we will eat, drink or wear? How do wages, benefits, paid vacation days and working hours fit into that? Is this job search you've been on something the Lord lead you to do or has it been for the lusts of your flesh because you really aren't thankful for the good He has daily provided for His own glory.

All this has been said to say that neither option is inherently better but a call first to check your motives. If you are going into this in the wrong reason, you will regret it for years to come. Looking at what you facing, I am reminded of a portion from 'A Call to the American Church' by Boris Sorokovsky where he relates a turning point in those brethrens' escape from Communist Russia to China. As God was directing a group step-by-step across the rugged terrain in the middle of the night, He told them to get off wide easy path onto a more narrow path that took them into the brush. The leaders doubted and rationalized away the instruction they had been given and continued on the easy path. The voice of the Spirit stopped and they walked on. However, eventually they hit a swamp and those leading almost drowned in the swamp but they were saved only by the concerted effort of the others in the Grace of God. All the people cried out to God in repentance for several hours before He spoke to them again and rebuked them for their rebellion and unbelief. The Lord did lead them safely out but they were humbled. I would encourage you read and reflect on that testimony you can find here:

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 Re: Prayer Request - Krispy


I wanted to apologies to you for my other two posts. I feel like you came here looking for prayer and I jumped up and starting offering advice instead. Please forgive me. I will be praying for you.

God bless

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Krispy ,\
Praying for you..
" but he knoweth the way that I take , when he hath tried me I shall come forth as gold" job 23:10


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 Re: Prayer Request - Krispy


I know the most recent months have been tough on you with the uncertainty of your current job. A man needs to feel that he is providing well for his family - it is his God-given job. However, this also includes the spiritual, not just the physical - you know that. No one here can tell you anything new in this department.

Will pray for you, your wife and sons - hoping you will sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading...and then come back and tell us..OK?


Sandra Miller

 2012/9/11 23:02Profile


I wanted to apologies to you for my other two posts. I feel like you came here looking for prayer and I jumped up and starting offering advice instead. Please forgive me.

MJ... I didnt feel that way at all about what you said. I welcome your opinion, and that of some of the others! God speaks thru all of us at times.


 2012/9/12 8:23


By the way, I appreciate everything everyone has said... everyone has given me a lot to think about and chew on.

While I did mention money and benefits, one of the most important factors for us is insurance. As most of you know I have had some very serious health issues over the last couple of years. I'm doing much better now, but the fact is that I have not been able to go to the doctor since I was laid off and lost my insurance. I'm supposed to see my endocrinologist every 3 months for my diabetes... but I have not been able to afford to go for 18 months now. I had to postpone my cardiologist appointment that was scheduled for this month.

So there is a lot more to it than just money. I wanted everyone to understand that.


 2012/9/12 8:31

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Dear Krispy,

Good to hear from you again.

I sense that there might be a call on your life to forsake all for the sake of the Gospel, but not for a better finacial situation. Maybe now that you have considered the latter, you might be emboldened to consider the former. trust God to open doors for you on the Frontier.

I share the lyrics of this song with you -

“Things We Leave Behind”

There sits Simon,
so foolishly wise
proudly he's tending his nets
Then Jesus calls,
and the boats drift away
all that he owns he forgets

More than the nets
he abandoned that day,
he found that his pride was soon drifting away
It's hard to imagine the freedom we find
from the things we leave behind

Matthew was mindful
of taking the tax,
pressing the people to pay
Hearing the call,
he responded in faith
followed the Light and the Way

Leaving the people
so puzzled he found,
the greed in his heart
was no longer around and
it's hard to imagine
the freedom we find
from the things
we leave behind

Every heart needs to be set free,
from posessions
that hold it so tight
'Cause freedom's not found in the things that we own,
It's the power
to do what is right
With Jesus, our only posession,
giving becomes our delight
We can't imagine the freedom we find
from the things we leave behind

We show a love for the world in our lives
by worshipping goods we posess
Jesus has laid all our treasures aside
"love God above all the rest"

'Cause when we say 'no'
to the things of the world
we open our hearts
to the love of the Lord and
its hard to imagine
the freedom we find
from the things we leave behind

Oh, and it's hard to imagine
the freedom we find
from the things
we leave behind

Lyrics- Michael Card



J Kruger

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I've no advise but I prayed that you will make the decision that God wants you to make.


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