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Just go down to any SDA church, and tell them that you'd like to join, and be a full fledged member. But then tell them that in good conscience you're going to continue eating pork, and worshiping on Sunday

1 Corinthians 8:9; Romans 14:21. To do what you propose would be selfishly wrong on many different levels, not to mention contrary to God's Word. You seem to be missing the point, and I will be locking this thread before things get more skewered.

Someone joining the SDA church would obviously have to already be in agreement with their doctrine (or doctrinally neutral and thus able to acquiesce). It would therefore be disingenuous to join any movement you disagree theologically with, while fully intending in "good conscience" to rebel and observe ordinances that you know will put them at odds with you. It's a sham.

Friend, we all know the SDA church has serious theological errors on several points. This thread will now be locked. In the future when discussing debatable topics among the evangelical Christian community, it would go better for you if you remained scholastically objective and refrained from the emotional pronouncements of anathema and the demonic. There is definitely a time for the latter, but it needs to be pronounced within the context for which Paul originally intended.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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