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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Same-sex marriage support will make history at DNC

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 Same-sex marriage support will make history at DNC

The Democratic Party will make history Tuesday when it is expected to be the first major party to endorse same-sex marriage in its platform.

While the plank packs no legal power, it marks a cultural milestone.

"Another important societal cue that things are shifting," said Amy Simon, an Oakland pollster who is working for advocates who want to legalize gay marriage in Maine and Washington. "As people are working through their conflicting feelings on this, they're looking for cues and this is another one." ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/9/5 3:01Profile

 Re: The American Dream & Love

The last word from Michelle Obama in her Democratic address was "love". Great word love! But "no matter who we love" is blasphemy.

....the American matter who we love." Michelle Obama.

God help us and deliver us from these things!

 2012/9/5 3:17

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 Re: Same-sex marriage support will make history at DNC

They needed space on their platform to include this so they decided to removed God and replace it with this


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