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 Kids 'haunted' by internet porn

Internet pornography is “warping” children’s understanding of sex and leading them to mimic “aggressive, harmful and dangerous” behaviour, Esther Rantzen has warned.

Miss Rantzen, the founder of ChildLine, says the number of youngsters ringing the helpline who have “been deeply alarmed by watching pornography has shot up by 34 per cent in the past year”.

She said: “We received 641 calls from children who had been exposed to sexually indecent material — more than 50 a month.”

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 Re: Kids 'haunted' by internet porn


Is it too much to ask that concerned parents monitor their children's internet time and use?

There is even cheap software that you can buy and install on an entire home network, whereby the parent can see what their child is viewing on their computer from a remote PC in the home network or even from work. Unfortunately, PCs and videogame technology have become very reliable babysitters.

Is this really about the need for increased censorship or rather, that adults put more effort into monitoring what their children are doing online? Like parents taking more control over the child's access to technology.

I just fear that we are so quick to "censor" everything instead of take personal responsibility for what we expose ourselves and our loved ones to. This will be the same law that will result in the shutdown of Christian websites, we well.



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"Is this really about the need for increased censorship or rather, that adults put more effort into monitoring what their children are doing online?"

Concerned parents already do that. But what about the multitudes of children who don't have 24/7 parental supervision?

In any case, that is not the issue here. The issue is that pornography is unrestrained in our western societies. In fact it's been normalized. It's a lucrative multi-billion dollar "industry."

Monitor it better? It has snared the souls of multitudes of adults; now the children are being ruined by it. Hell has vomited; you can't even go through the grocery store checkout without being defiled by it. What is really needed is a severe judgment from God on it all. Something that returns the fear of God to us.

I believe we are going to see just that.


Allan Halton

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We do not live in a Christian world were things should be done the way the bible says it should be.

Internet Pornography should be a separate internet subscription that one could pay for from their ISP. This would not solve the ills that accompany our society but it would curb children from getting access to it.

Television is in our house (can't be helped) and there are many many channels that are porn related that you have to buy a subscription to to unlock those channels, why can't that be done for the internet? What makes the internet so special that it can let down everything that anyone so desires to put on the internet?

Certain countries are already doing that which I tip my hat off too. It will get regulated, but it's always when things get worse and worse. It's like they avoid putting up a set of lights at a dangerous intersection and when tragedy strikes and someone gets killed, then they have them installed. I have seen this time and time again.

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I think it was Keith Daniel that said (I'm paraphrasing here), "if a nation sows perversion, it will reap a nation of perverts."
Well, that's what I see going on today too.
May God grant His children wisdom from above to His children that have little ones under their authority.
We must beware of having these seeds and sparks of perversion entering into our homes & hearts.
The christian must desire to "be filled with the Spirit."
God help His people - "for without Him, they can do nothing."


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