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I heard a popular tithe teaching pastor with theological seminary letters behind his name proudly declare in a sermon that he had never met a Christian that wasn’t tithing that was being blessed. He claimed all the non-tithers he had a chance to converse with on the topic were struggling financially in some way.

All I can say is if we ever cross paths he will have met one and may have to unlearn the canon he acquired to earn his doctorate in his denominational seminary. I could go into many testimonies from my own life where blessings came after I pulled myself out from under the curse of the tithing law. I thought it might be more appropriate to provide the testimony of someone else who himself was under the tithe system until I showed him the truth a short time ago. The following is the witness from his perspective of being on both sides of the equation.

“I was taught most of my life from the apostolic doctrine, Acts 2:38, and Malachi 3:10, the latter was constantly hammered into my thinking. I was told if I did not give that 10% I was automatically cursed. Well, my thinking was if it’s in The Word that’s all I need to know, and I will do it with no questions asked. I first began tithing at the young age of 16 years. I was so happy because I wanted to please God. From the age of 16 until 2008, I was a faithful tither, not to mention giving over and above. I even doubled my tithes because I wanted to please God. I gave ‘waaay’ over and above in my offerings because I did not want to rob God.

In 2008, I was shown scriptures that opened my eyes. After reading and studying those scriptures, I immediately pulled myself from under the curse of the tithing law. Since that time God has blessed me in such a way it has left me with my mouth open in amazement. God has strengthened me spiritually, given me wisdom, and I can truthfully say He had given me that peace that passes all understanding.
Praise God,I am no longer a tither, I am a GIVER.


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hi, amen to being a cheerfull giver.if you are trying to avoid the tithe as an excuse not to give , you are in cloudy territory. great post my brother.jimp

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