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And those are some good thoughts at that.

and @Brothertom

I heartily agree with everything you've stated.

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Revival is the preaching of the cross. The message of the cross is encapsulated in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The response to the message is turning to God in repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Evidence if such heart conversions will flow forth in deeds f repentance.

So called outward manifestations are irrelevant or at best secondary to the gospel message. And the heart change that message brings.

Bearmaster: The heart of the gospel, the almost too good to be true news, is that we can be set free from the bondage of sin and have right relationship with God through what Christ did for us. God desires that every man repent and turn to Him through faith in Christ. And I agree totally that this is to be the focus of the body of Christ.

I also agree that outward manifestations are secondary. They are NEVER to be the focus.

I assume when we say outward manifestations we are speaking only of things like "falling out", "shaking", and etc. and not the gifts of the Spirit such as healings, miracles, prophecy, etc..

Physical manifestations can be, at times, simply the reaction of a limited, fleshly body and emotions to what God is doing in the particular person. (see also my previous post on where I believe manifestations come from) I recall a few sweet times in the presence of the Lord when I could not help but laugh for joy. I must make the statement that I did not lose control. Has I wanted to remain stoic, I could easily have done it. But there was a physical reaction in my body and emotions to the presence of the Lord.

However, if I were a very carnal person I might seek to recreate the emotion in an effort to have another "high" so to speak. This, I think, is where some people miss it. They become centered up on the manifestation and seek it for its own sake. This is dangerous and leads to error. And, in my opinion, can open one up to the enemy coming in with a false manifestation, a fleshly substitute that will titillate the senses with no corresponding fruit.

We seek God. We walk by faith. We desire Him and to be more like Him. The manifestations that are so fleeting are not necessarily irrelevant, but are absolutely secondary if we should give them much thought at all. Perhaps they do not even deserve secondary mention. Yet at times, a genuine manifestation is a positive thing.

Brother Tom: I also am very concerned about the Elijah list phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the body right now. It is coupled with a movement that actively seeks the signs, wonders, and manifestations as well as the Apostolic / Prophetic movement. I have had some (actually quite a bit of) contact with this movement and have been carefully comparing its core beliefs and doctrines with the Word of God. I fear that this movement is leading many astray. I cannot say that those caught up in this move are not born again and do not love the Lord. I can say that there is some very grave foundational error. I just do not know where that error is going to lead in the future. I have my guesses, but time will have to bear that out. I would advise any believer to avoid that movement.


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Agree with you bro.


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 Re: Manifestations of Revival. WHEN HEAVEN KISSES EARTH.

"Revival is when Heaven kisses d earth." @Brother Tom: what a practical definition.

Wish I saw this 3hours ago when I sent a mail to a Brother in Kampala Uganda, who'd askd 4 my definition of d term "Revival."

Told him am more interested in havin a Revival than its definition.

Told him that d half-hour spent prayin for Revival is of far greater Eternal consequence than the half-hour spent on a theological debate on d subject.

Told him that one lesson I learnt from d Psalmist (Psm85:6) and d Prophet Habakkuk (Hab3:2) is that these two heroes of Faith askd God for Revival without stopping to offer us a balanced Theological definition of d word they employed.

Wish I'd simply told him that "Revival is when Heaven kisses d Earth"

Emeka Joe Uzosike

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i have about three more threds to post endlessjoe regaringd preparations ,revivle ,and awkening,,,

this was a prophecy ,another is a exortation ,,another is a interprattion of some of the prophecy ,and another is a brothers intrepration and transposisin and testamony about the prophecyand interprtation

blessings brother for zeal

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an exortation

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interprataions coments and testamony

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i had to copy this from my email dont kjnow how to post a link to that
A literal transposition into prosaic form, By Brother Andrew. 28th - 29th June 2012

Meditation and Mind of Preparation

Come! Reckon yourselves dead unto sin!
He is hanging on the Cross for us!
See the Blood!
See the Pain!
Watch! The Sacrifice of the Holy Lamb (of God)!
See how He offers Himself to God! For us!
Listen! Hear the earth, quake!
And the Cry of the Lamb!
Listen! The Chords of Sin break! Whilst He cries out!
(Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?)
My God! My God! Why have you forsaken Me?

It is finished!
He has broken the head of the snake!
The propitiation! The Offering is Complete!
The Son has set you free!
And you are Free indeed!
He has broken the Power of Sin over His people!
Truly this was the Son of God!
Who was bruised for our iniquity!
The chastisement of our Peace was upon Him!
He bore our sins! Listen to His pain!
By these stripes we are healed!

Declaration and Mind or Readiness

The chords of Sin are gone!
The leash of iniquity is released!
He has set you free from the leash of slavery!
Sin has no more dominion over us!
He condemned sin in the flesh!
You are Free. He set you Free!
Reckon yourselves dead unto sin!

Sin’s dominion was nailed to the Cross!
He who knew no sin, became Sin!
Cursed is He who is hung on the tree!
The curse is taken from you!
Now you must leave that curse on the Tree!
Leave you old man on the Cross!
Resist the Devil, and he will flees from you!

Exhortation and Mind of Readiness

Take the grain of mustard seed on your lips!
Let it sprout, grow and bear Fruit!
Confess the Truth to one another!
What was nailed on the altar is become your freedom!
Rejoice now in your liberty!
Where sin abounded; Grace abounded more!
He set you free!

Commandment and Mind of Readiness

Step out from the old traps!
Don’t let the traps entangle you!
You are made free!
You are made a new creature!
Walk by Faith!
For I know My sheep!
And they follow Me!
Endure the narrow path which I have made for you!
And you ARE saved!
No one is able to pluck you out of my hand!
Obedience has crucified the flesh and its passions!
Listen to its cries and know that therein death has come.
As the flower of the field passes away!
When I make the sun rise!
So the flower of the flesh has been cut from you!
Walk away now!
Don’t hold onto a cut rose seeing only its dying attraction!
Walk now to the empty Tomb!
Behold! See that I am not there!
I am vindicated! So are you! Come to Me! And Hold Me!
See that it IS Me!
Hold your brother by the hand also!
Bring him to Me! Pull him away from the rose which holds his gaze.
Leave him not outside the Camp.
Lead him through the (narrow) gate! To my feet!
Where I hung for you!

???? New Heading (relevant to the meaning of the two sons and first funeral)

Put aside your differing doctrines!
Like My two sons Whom I raised up for My sake! And for yours!
And remember my firsts funeral!
Remember the mind of My Spirit that was there!
That I gave myself for the Bond of Peace!
Hold each one’s hand with a Brotherly kiss. For a moment!
And look to Me. Remembering your own benefit!
Then I will lift you in My Sanctification!
Even the Sanctification which I have Sanctified you with!
Touch not my liberties with all your heart!
But touch my Hands and Feet! And My Side! With a full Gaze!
Separate yourself for a season!
Then you will know that I have separated you Forever!
Separate Yourselves! The season is Come!
And the season itself will separate you!

The Prophecy of Effects

It is the Season of Rain!
Come and be washed in this new rain of old!
Blow the trumpet!
There is a wet season and a flood!
This flood shall be for a narrow tributary this season!
The richness of the waters in this season will feed the Trees!
And the Trees will indeed bear fruit!
And the fruit will be stored in My Barns!
It will feed those who Thirst in the dry season!
A season which is near!
And they shall Ask! And it will be given to them!
This will be to a different Harvest!
Different from the last four!
It will be My best fruit!
In the last minute, of the last hour of My last days!
And Behold!
This will prepare My Way! And make My paths Straight!
My Prophets are coming!
For I Myself have raised them!
From before the world was!
And I will lead them! As I have led you!
And you will surly know who are olive trees in the season to come!

Commandment and A Mind of Obedience

Now I Call you! All of you to Repent!
And do not your own Works!
Even My Prophets and My Pastors!
All of you at This Time! Shall Repent!
And Hear what you Everlasting Father is saying to you!
Listen to me!
As you are My children!
I have some things more for all of you!
Some shall do the First Works!
And others shall do the Works which they have never done before!

Personal Exhortation to a son.

And even My weak wayward son!
Through whom I have spoken!
He also must dig very deep and Repent!
And do the works he has never done before!
And bear fruit of deep repentance!
And Prove his love to Me!

Sufficiency of Grace, the Word and Hearing

My Grace is sufficient!
And I will supply! According to your Need!
This is what the LORD is saying to you!
My Word is in you!
And in your mouth!
Listen to what The Spirit is saying to you tonight!

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Thanks Brother Gary!

Emeka Joe Uzosike

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