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 Brazil allows three-person civil unions

Three people in a polygamous relationship have been allowed to enter into a civil union in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

The decision has sparked controversy in Brazil. Campaigners in the UK say that tampering with the definition of marriage would pave the way for such unions here.
The Brazilian trio, one man and two women, have been living together for three years.

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Brazil allows three-person civil unions

Unless God brings a mighty work of His Holy Spirit, I fear that this is where our nation is headed.

Now that same sex marriage is approved in many of our states, who is to stop multiple men and women in any combination? Then why not approve marriage between adults and children? Why stop there why not between humans and animals?

Once you redefine marriage how can you ever get it back to Biblical standards without a intervention of God?

God help us!

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Good article,

This is just one piece in the puzzle of the beginning of birth pangs. Logic will certainly drive this and it will move with a certain speed. Once a nation embraces logic at the expense of God then the writing is on the wall for that nation. Germany is an excellent example of an embracing of logic, that logic being a Darwinistic one where the strong survive and the weak become the enemy. The first whole sale slaughter in Nazi Germany was the mentally handicapped. Both my wife and I stood at the holocaust museum in DC and wept to see this as we have a Down Syndrome child.

Now, if logic minus God can drive a nation to destruction, and we have seen this, what happens when the whole world embraces logic minus God? We are living in the threshold of that right now. There will be no great awakening from this dark nightmare. No, but there will be a separating. The people of God from all the nations of the world will ultimately be united by their Christ and be rejected whole-sale by the people's of the world. Too long now have we lived within the gates of Sodom. Vexed souls will be compelled to leave the comforts of Sodom for the cave of obedience. Those whose hearts are for the world and who look back fondly upon its comforts will be caught up in its destruction, moral destruction first and then finally actual destruction. Persecution awaits us and our destruction will be the final act of a guilty world driven by its true master............. bro Frank

 2012/8/30 10:39

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It appears that logic has become muddled with stupidity.

Can't even speak nice when foolishness is elevated to logic.

Somehow I do not question the wrath of God at all when it is poured out upon perversion - and sin. Him restraining it demonstrates his mercy. And woe on those who reject it!

Sandra Miller

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