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 Isaac Info Tweets w/ Prayers


 2012/8/29 0:09

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 Re: Isaac Info Tweets w/ Prayers

Thank you J-I-G for posting these links. I have been praying for everyone in Issac path and will continue to.

God bless you and keep you all

 2012/8/29 8:00Profile


Early this morning, the New Orleans news announced that another 7-15 feet of flooding is coming. They are concerned that people are thinking they are through the worst and that they are relaxing and not evacuating. Places that were not under mandatory evacuation, people still reporting more flooding than Katrina.
Also saying that many people were lulled into a false sense of security with the levy system, and that they were told to shelter in place.

Power companies say more than 817,000 customers without power in 6 states affected by Isaac

Looks like Miss-Sippi and Arkansas are getting more inches of rain than LA got?

More details on "imminent" dam failure in McComb, MS. 60,000 down Tangipahoa River ordered to evacuate.

Seems half of LA is without power.
LA and MISS declared "Major Disaster" Areas.
Dam in Pike County, Mississippi expected to fail; flash flood warning issued

Mississippi dam in jeopardy, could flood Tangipahoa River August 30, 2012
Tangipahoa Parish authorities called for a mandatory evacuation of all areas along the Tangipahoa River for fear a dam that feeds the river will fail.

Mississippi Emergency Management officials have notified the Tangipahoa Parish government that the dam at Percy Quin State Park is failing, said Jeff McKneely, spokesman for the parish.

If the dam fails, it could cause severe flooding along the river, which snakes through parish east of Interstate 55, McKneely said.

ISAAC DAM FAILURE prompts mandatory evacuation near Tangipahoa River
BATON ROUGE -- Tangipahoa Parish officials have issued a mandatory evacuation for communities near the Tangipahoa River because Percy Quin Dam in Mississippi is expected to fail, officials said Thursday. The dam in Pike County is in imminent danger of failure due to flooding from Hurricane Isaac, officials said.

U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise announced that parish President Gordon Burgess called for immediate, mandatory evacuation on his Facebook page, saying the dam on Lake Tangipahoa is in "extreme danger" of failing.

The evacuation area runs from Kentwood to Robert along the river, he said.




 2012/8/30 12:00

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Thank you for caring for us all here.
I started a response last evening,but needed to stop and do something
else,so it was lost.

We here in southern Ms.,...the Lord had blessed us with rain all along
before hurricane Isaac,and when the storm came we got LOTS more rain.
So the ground was well saturated,we got some wind,and some wind-gusts,
...and so with the soil being so wet,it brought down a few trees,very old trees.But the Lord has blessed,and we are thankful.

Also got big rains today. We live where there is hills and hollows so the water runs off , problem with flooding as some,I understand,have had farther south of us.

But should we get any strong winds,I am concerned
that some more may get up-rooted.

We did get electric back on today,and for that too,we are thankful.

God bless you Ann,and all the dear members here,

 2012/8/31 23:12Profile


Just coming back on and finding your post, Sis.
So glad you're alright. It seems that our members made it through OK as well. Thank GOD!!

It really troubled me as Isaac stalled over LA for so long - but as horrible as it is for the residents there, it seems it could have been a lot worse?

I stayed on it until it moved to Arkansas, so I'm really not anymore up-to-date than that last post up there.

Well, Thanks for checking in!! :)
I can breath now? Sure hope so!

 2012/9/1 2:39

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