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Colossians 2:8
Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

p1118 Niv Student Bible 1 John commentary Zondervan 1992
//Gnostics balked at the Christian concept of Gods becoming human.because they believed a physical body was intrinsically evil,they denied a pure God could take on a body. Some dealt with the problem by claiming that Jesus was never a human being,but a phantom,a temporary appearance of God who looked human....
The apostle John debated in person with gnostics of his day,and had Gnostic thinking in mind when he wrote this letter.....
throughout the letter especially in 4:2-3,the author lambastes those who deny that Jesus came in the flesh.....
Live as you please
To Gnostics all matter was evil . Only the Spirit was pure,and Gnostics sought to rise to a higher more spirtual plane.This teaching produced side effect:people who strove to rise above matter didn't care about personal ethics.Their pure spirits could not be tainted by "earthly" sin Thus,they could act any way they wanted.//

"Abingdon pillars of theolgy Augustine" by Eugene TeSelle
Abingdon press 2006
p.21 Why Evil answering the Manichaens.

///Augustine took evil seriosly.Manichaeism had appealed to him because it,too,took evil seriously,both within ourselves and in the World.....

The founder,Mani (216-277),was born in Mesopotamia.He claimed to complete and unify several religious traditions-Christian,Zoroastrian,and Buddhist-and sent missionaries into both the Mediterranean world and Central Asia. Manichaeism's appeal to the west was as a more reasonable form of christianity,one that emphasized Paul and rejected the Old Testament as the product of an alien diety.....

For a decade and more after his conversion,Augustine wrote a series of anti-Manichaen works. Against their dualism he developed an alternative theory of evil;against their fatalistic view that sin comes from an "evil nature" within oneself he insisted on freedom of choice;.....///

Chapter 5 Original Sin and Predestination: Threats to freedom? P.37

///Augustine is both praised and Blamed for these doctrines,certainly major themes in Western religion.Were there deep psychological reasons for his championing them?Perhaps there were,for he had earlier been attracted to Manichaeism....

In later years,Pelagius and his followers were able to quote Augustine against Augustine,citing his early anti Manichaen writings and charging that he had reverted to their position with his new emphasis on original sin and bondage of the will (Julian of Eclanum routinely referred to him as "the Manichaen')///

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