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Please forgive me for the uneven lines , but I am sending this
from my cell phone.

Brother, I noticed that you are from Monroe. We live in Lake Charles
in Southwest La. We are no stranger to hurricanes having been hit
by Hurricane Rita in Sept. of 2006 , the same year that Katrina hit
New Orleans. Lake Charles is only about 40 miles from the Gulf
and received extensive damage from Rita. One of the casinos on
the lake was put out of business, but several others survived the
storm. Gambling is looked upon in a favorable light in our community
because of financial gain. There are very few pastors that are
speaking out against this sin that has always been associated with
crime, but now has become a very respectable business. May God
have mercy on us.



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Monroe, LA - USA


Amen, Brother, I am so thankful that here in the Monroe area, when I was a young person, the vote came before this area of whether or not to have gambling boats, and the churches united against it, and it did not pass! Churches got together and had community meetings on how we could stop that wickedness from coming in. I remember the speakers going into great detail about the fact that gambling directly breaks several commandments (#s 8 and 10) and leads to the breaking of many others. One of the speakers had suffered all of his life because of his Dad who was ensnared with it. Thank God it didn’t pass then, and hopefully it won’t ever come up again here.

We got a little damage from Rita (after Katrina) but not much.

Hopefully in the midst of the storm, some soul will be awakened to his need of a relationship with the Creator. I promise I will not be like Jonah. I will rejoice if there is repentance!

Michael Strickland

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