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  How To Organize An Underground Church by Richard Wurmbrand

 How To Organize An Underground Church by Richard Wurmbrand

Topic: Underground Church
Description: Richard Wurmbrand shares a powerful series of messages on the underground church and the sufferings he personally went through under communist rule. There needs to be a preparation made now while there is no persecution to think and prepare for an underground work. A catering to follow the suffering saviour now while we still live in freedom in our countries.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

More messages from Richard Wurmbrand:

Note: These are the links to the rest of the series in the current featured sermon. Richard Wurmbrand was part the underground church in Romania under Communist rule and spent a long time in their prisons.

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 Re:  How To Organize An Underground Church by Richard Wurmbrand

Given the recent limitations imposed upon the citizens in our country and elsewhere, I was reminded of this series given by Richard Wurmbrand on "How to organize an underground church". I think we would do well to inform our minds of the methods authorities will use to undermine the church and find a Judas in the group....It is my opinion that the entire brotherhood should be informed so all would understand what is going on and realize our days of freedom as we have known it is at stake and that we need to be prepared. I also am of the opinion one can become more informed by reading the book of Jeremiah and consider how God instructed Jeremiah to relate to others and how the enemies of God will work to destroy the messenger. One can easily see how the devil has not changed his method or tactics against the Saints.

Be blessed.


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