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 so has anyone read all the baptize by blazing fire books on

Any positive feed back? On the books, or inspired the way I was? Did anyone get through all of them?

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 Re: so has anyone read all the baptize by blazing fire books on

I have only seen the images and text on the front-website and my heart is totaly going wild.

I would run and run away from this website and stuff that has to do with it.

it sounds like the hyper-charismatic movement!

Be very carefull and stay with the bible.


Wijnand de Ridder

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To the original poster welcome to SermonIndex. We want to also encourage you to read through the: SermonIndex Community Guiding Principles

We are not in support of many of the things on the posted website you have suggested and feel there is a leaving of clear biblical grounding in the emphasis. These forums are to discuss sermons, the bible, etc but are not to promote another website overly.

I trust you will have time to listen to sermons on this site here are a few recommendations:

Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead

The Revival Hymn by Various Speakers

Where Is The Fire? by Leonard Ravenhill

Only One Life Will Soon Be Past by Zac Poonen

God bless.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: so has anyone read all the baptize by blazing fire books on

Hey Cudabug....I'm new to SI but also want to caution you about the website and books you're suggesting people read.

Plz. do not take offense at what folks here are saying.

When friends really care about you, they will tell you the truth....not remain silent and let you get "chewed up and spit out" as would happen if you fill your heart and mind with all the stuff on that website.

Anything that presents itself as SENSATIONAL or exciting, or "getting on BIG fire for God" or "secrets you NEED to know" or "what you need to know to get more POWER in your life"......should all be suspect.

Satan is a sensationalist and he roams about looking for unsuspecting and earnest people who want more excitement and power in their Christian lives. Jesus does not do that. Satan knows how to put a person on fire alright....but it's what the Scriptures call "strange fire."

If the feedback you're receiving distresses you....go to God in earnestness and ask HIM to teach you and show you what is true and what is a counterfeit. He will do this thru your quiet study of the Scriptures and thru your willingness to "be still" and let go of anything that does not please Him.

Are you able to tell the difference between a genuine dollar bill and a phoney one? Not many of us are. One has to be trained on what to look for.

It's probably safe to say that the majority of what is being thrown at us right now is of the antichrist spirit.

"The best LIE is made up of 95% truth."

There is one excellent book on that website and should be owned and read often....John Bunyan's PILGRIMS'S PROGRESS. (See how those people are mixing in some good with a whole lot of error and seduction?)

Best wishes to you, friend, as you sort out all this stuff and seek Him in your own private prayer closet.


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 Re: so has anyone read all the baptize by blazing fire books on

Hi cudabug 87,

yes, I have read all 5 books, so feel qualified to give an informed opinion on them. I have been a Christian for 27 years and am wary of many "anointing" and “blessing” movements that can trap the uncritical Christian today. I endorse the attitude of the Bereans who checked what they were taught against the scriptures "to see if they were so". On one of my websites I placed some years ago a warning by Derek Prince entitled "Protection Against Deception" which I believe is sorely needed for today. I was also the first major Christian website in Britain to write a critical online warning about the Bentley shenanigans in Florida, soon after they began. My website also warns of the Kundalini dangers.

The Pastor who has written the Baptize By Blazing Fire series is a Korean Congregational pastor, coming from a very conservative Christian background. Much of the book details accounts of what the Pastor and members of his little congregation saw in both Heaven and Hell over a 30 day period when they were having all-night prayer meetings.

While a few things he quotes Jesus as saying were a little surprising to me, I sense the books come from an honest man who has a genuine love for, and devotion to, Christ. The books are most certainly not written from a sensational point of view. The Bible speaks very little of Heaven and Hell in detail, so we have very little to use by which to judge the accounts of those who claim to have been taken there.

The purpose of the Pastor writing the books is to equip end-times Christians to stand in the face of demonic attacks that will come upon them. Jesus shows him and others how the Holy Spirit working through them enables them to deal with such spirits. It is a harrowing series of books, not for the faint-hearted. Its effect on me has been to go back to the Lord with a repentant heart to ask His forgiveness for several things in my lukewarm Christian walk that have affected my relationship with Him and my obedience to His Word. I have also been greatly encouraged in my prayer life and (another important point in the book) in the importance of urgent prayer with a passionate heart to the Lord. For a long time I have been saying to the Lord: “Jesus, I want to know the fear of the Lord!!”. As a result of reading these 5 books, that process has most definitely begun and, with the Lord’s help, will continue. Another consequence is that in addition to my normal time of daily Bible reading, I have resolved to re-read: (1) Holiness by J C Ryle (2) Humility by Andrew Murray and (3) The Blessings of Obedience, also by Andrew Murray.

Anyone who believes that Christians cannot lose their salvation will find these books difficult to read, because Jesus has a number of things to say about Christians who do not lead holy and obedient lives. Remember the words of Hebrews 12 verse 14: “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.” One fact that emerges in the books is that in Hell, where he is taken by Jesus, the Pastor encounters "Christians" who have led ungodly lives and who now regret this in their torment.

Another forum member has posted a suggestion that cudabug 87 read John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress as “some good” to keep him on the straight and narrow . This same John Bunyan also wrote of his experiences of being taken to Heaven and Hell, in the same way that the book Baptize By Blazing Fire also tells of such visits. Bunyan’s book can be read free online and is called “Visions of Heaven and Hell”. These visions occurred at a time when John Bunyan was comtemplating suicide. We know this because Bunyan himself states this in the introductory remarks to his short account.

If anyone wants to make up their own mind, all five books can be read free online in pdf format. If your “end result” mirrors mine, you will be brought out of your lukewarm Christian rut and, realising “the goodness and the severity of God”, will have your faith renewed in Godly fear and awe, praising His holy name.


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