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 "New" Watchman Nee book

Stephen Kaung who runs Christian Fellowship Publishers which owns rights to nearly all of Watchman Nee's books has released an new book by Nee entitled "Heart-To-Heart Talks". If you don't know, Watchman Nee died in 1972 so the material in this book was of course written before that date and is only now being released in book form. I have no idea what time period the material came from. I don't know what the table of contents looks like. The only description is as follows:

“Deep calleth unto deep at the [noise] of thy waterfalls” (Psalm 42:7a). What can be deeper than the heart? Solomon, the wisest of men, advised us, saying: “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23). When a heart has heard the voice of God, it calls other hearts to hear and to respond. This is exactly what brother Watchman Nee tried to share with us from his heart. During his years of ministry he realized that only words coming from a heart that God had spoken to could reach the heart of others. Not that knowledge is unnecessary, but it must come from revelation or enlightenment from above: for only such knowledge is living and operative which can reach the depth of man’s heart. Brother Nee wrote and spoke to many hearts to the glory of God.

It is a paperback book of unknown length and is priced super-reasonably at $7. I bring this up because of the tremendous help I have received by brother Nee's ministry. You can order the book here:

and here:

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