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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Prophetic warm up? From Henry Gruver

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 Prophetic warm up? From Henry Gruver

I found this story while surfing the internet. It reminded me of something Henry Gruver talked about and it really peaked my interest in terms of prophecy. Something I can dig my teeth into rather than just wondering. See what you think.

This is part of Henry's vision he says he saw as printed on another website site.


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 Re: Prophetic warm up? From Henry Gruver

Hey John,

Yup, I think it's very significant that a Russian sub was in our Gulf of Mexico. My suspicion is that they and other enemy nations have subs along our coastlines too.

It's a sad thing to think that our days are probably numbered.

Now here's another idea to throw in the hopper. Ever since Katrina and Ike, and the BP oil spill, and the attention being given to the New Madrid faultline along the Mississippi, and the huge toxic dump near Houston, and now the huge sink hole near New Orleans......I have often wondered if they aren't planning some type of massive chemical catastrophe. If the New Madrid goes, it will also rupture all the gas lines that run east and west across middle America. Oh! My!! What a terrible thing it would be. I hope that's not fearmongering. I'm just trying to look at the realities of what they could logistically do to us. It is mind boggling and I feel very sad about all of it.

If something along that line did happen, the nations who hate us would be stupid not to strike when we are weak and in massive confusion/turmoil. I think they're like vultures up in the trees awaiting just the right moment for the swoop.

Good thing we who are His kids can say..."Poppa, we will always need Your help. And You will be there for us."

(Heaven ain't so bad)..... :)

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