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 A Request for a pronounced section called "Prayer Needed Now"

I know pretty much I am new here. But might it not be nice for those new and experienced to be able to find quickly a Section called "Prayer Needed Now" that is for us to share Prayer Needs that we personally have in our heart and desire for others to pray with us for?

I would like to go to a section and find quickly and easily a place on here where others list their needs for prayer. Small and Big needs.

Just a thought.

 2005/2/20 8:16

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 Re: A Request for a pronounced section called "Prayer Needed Now"

Hey PJ,

While acknowledging this, think that a number of factors come into play. One is just in 'space' for the layout of the forum.

So in effect this section was created;
[url=]Miracles that follow the plow[/url]

And within that, this pretty well tells the idea behind it;
[url=]Rules about Posting Prayer Requests in this forum![/url]

Mike Balog

 2005/2/20 12:38Profile

 Re: I Never would of guessed

That title relates to me the answers to Prayer. Something to give praise to God for. I never would of thought to look for Prayer Requests there ever.

It just seemed that everyone here is concerned with Revival that there was no place to list Prayer least you wouldn't know where to look unless being told. My thoughts would be like a Stop Sign....bold, red and you just can't miss it no matter how new of a driver you are. So I thought maybe it was time to put something like that in. I had no idea it was behind the Praise sign.

Thanks for clueing me in. I haven't pray for anyone on here cause I never saw any prayer concerns. Wow...wonder how many others Never saw or see it. You know what they say....make it simple stupid...LOL.

Ok....still I suggest a Stop Sign .... I know when I need prayer I want everyone to pray...the more the better!

Thanks and hoping for a Stop Sign.

 2005/2/20 14:05

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