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Any Spirit filled believer gets a sense that something is going down in these times. I am no mathmatician. But I read profiles of nations where persecution is on the increase. I go in on conference calls and listen to reports that reflect the current state of the world. And from a temporal state it ain't good.

Even the admistrator of this forum feelsthat persrcution is coming to N. America. This is why the conference is being held in Atlanta this coming Oct. The conference is the church and upcoming persecution. While I am on this thread let me plug for tonight's prayer call. We are having a series of Sunday night calls that are covering the SI conference. The call info is listed under Miracles that Follow the Plow.

Some speak of physical preparation. I ask what about spiritual preparation. How much is one in prayer? How much is one in the word? There will come a time when our Bibles are banned as hate books. We will not have access to E Sword other Bible apps. How much does one spend reading or listening to the scriptures?

Presently si am 61 years old. I am vested with the state if Ark. to draw retirement at 65. I do not believe that I will see 65. I believe that God has indicated to to me I will be martyred. My retirement home wll be aMA detention center. I doubt very seriously if I will be using the funeral policy I took out a few years ago. My funeral will be taken care of. probably in a common graves outside the camp.

No doubt, some will think I am a raving maniac to speak this way. But if one were a Christian living in N. Korea Ir Eritrea this would be the reality of following Christ. And this will soon be the reality if following Christ in America.


 2012/8/19 15:08


Hello Dottie, you wrote this in your original post:

Sometimes it's hard to know what articles to believe and what not to many lies being promulgated on the Net. Personally, I don't find this article hard to believe at all.

Dottie, my name is neil, i've been on this site since 2002, i know a few of the saints here, and they know me.

Welcome, i say to you, in the Love of Jesus.

what you reference, i know quite well, i know that site you referenced the article from. i've been 'around' various 'prepper' forums, and for about two months now, maybe more, i've been getting a 'check' in the Spirit, kind of like a yellow WARNING light.

let me explain..reason with you, and others, what has been going on of late, is that the 'seeds' of ABSOLUTE FEAR are being sown, the devil, the destroyer, the accuser WANTS US in fear.

mind you now, i am not discrediting ANYTHING, you've posted, or despising prophecy. never, because i AM, what would be termed in the worldy vocabulary of the "prepper community" as "fully bugged out, fully prepped", but i have a very different 'take' on it all, as led by God the Holy Ghost.

i've noticed in the prepper community a very powerful spirit of fear....its SO PALPABLE that it is even swinging those who claim Jesus as Lord, into its dread claws. We have NOT be given a spirit of fear, but of faith, of love and grace and mercy...not fear. WHAT is it they fear?

they fear dying. they fear death.

so then, these poor souls make "prepping" their "religion". It's all they think about, write about, listen to....the gathering gloom, and they fear dying.

So then, they go about buying all sorts of toys, and stocked food, gun up....when in reality, the smallest thing can kill you....a microbe, get a small scratch on your arm or leg from some rusty barb wire, you go septic, and your body dies. the list of 'hazards' is endless, so what happens is the reverse of where WE should be in Christ Jesus, instead of fearing God, they fear "TEOTWAWKI". thats the 'name' of their 'god', who is no god. Its an acronymn for "the end of the world as we know it", and the grievous thing is, that its been promulgated and spread by people who claim Christ as Savior. i will NOT mention names.

think about that, they fear "TEOTWAWKI"...that is rank idolatry!! Jesus went to the Cross to FREE US from a spirit of fear, free us from the BONDAGE of the fear of death! Paul, that beautiful man, lanquishing in a roman dungeon pondered this in Philippians: (its a long quote, but of immense importance in the Lord)

"Yes, and I will rejoice, for I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance, as it is my eager expectation and hope that I will not be at all ashamed, but that with full courage now as always Christ will be honored in my body, whether by life or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. If I am to live in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. Yet which I shall choose I cannot tell. I am hard pressed between the two. My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better. But to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account. Convinced of this, I know that I will remain and continue with you all, for your progress and joy in the faith, so that in me you may have ample cause to glory in Christ Jesus, because of my coming to you again." Philippians 1:18c-26 (ESV)

let me just zero in, " My desire is to depart and be with Christ, for that is far better." Paul 'suicidal'? banish the thought! its just that he got the point in Jesus, where he is dead to the flesh, dead to the world and all its mess.

the way i see it, unless one considers themselves DEAD this second, they might not be living where God wants them too..........and i;ve never seen or heard this testimony on ANY prepper forum...and believe me, there are MANY people who say they are 'christians' on these prepper forums, yet the forums themselves are filled with post after post soaked with hatred, bile, divisness, fear.....and another i have NEVER seen is this, NOBODY has said, "lets include a few cases of Bibles with our "beans, bullets and band-aids"

not once.

i have. i dont say that to commend myself, because it was the Holy Spirit that led me to do that.

it was the Holy Spirit told me two simple words, 'flee babylon', and by His Love, Jesus gifted me with the "Kerith Ravine"....The LORD has hid me away....for what?....i dont know yet.

Now, are these dark days? absolutely. are these the last days? absolutely. one must have wisdom, in what to do, but in the same accord, count your life in the flesh as of little value, for God knows every hair on your head, and loves you and me, and any saint reading this.

there is so much more i have to say, but may i conclude with an admonition? Be very wary about 'drinking' out of this 'stream' of the prepper community, the articles, the 'news', or if martial law is going to be declared, or there are camps being readied, or if the 'global elite' are going to crater the economy to make us all slaves or some other hellish bit of worthless palaber. its ALL VAPOR, vanity, a mist...not even worthy of our consideration.

i pray i havent offended you, its my heart to encourage you, all of us, its time to 'double down' in worshipping God and GOD ALONE, especially when the days are dark and the love of many grows cold, in Jesus' love, neil

ps....i gots to do chores,...dishes, (laughing) and i'm going to listen to this from Len Ravenhill, a wonderful saint now with Jesus, its entitled, "The Excellency of Knowing God"....listen to it with me, will you? you too aint going to no detention camp, i love you all

 2012/8/19 15:18

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Love you Brother!

Perfect love casts out fear!

In Christ



 2012/8/19 15:51Profile

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AMEN! Perfect love casts out fear!

I want to be like Jesus-is-God was on Sept. 10, 2011 ... listening to the Lord when He speaks to my heart. I am hoping to be able to move to another country (Guatemala if God permits) before the fall of the USA happens ... but knowing when and how to make the move before the collapse comes will be a matter of listening closely to God's leading.

When you read an article like the one presented in this post, and you see on the side all kinds of things that you can buy .... laugh it off! The fear-motivating article has the purpose of cashing in on you.

Send your hard-earned money to poor people, and when your time for poverty comes, God will take care of you! He says that you are lending to Him when you give to the poor!

Here are a few such investment spots:

God bless you!

Michael Strickland

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Hey Sister...good to hear from you again.

I have always found it interesting, and typical of the Lord, that He would tell some people to prepare and others not to. Go figure....ha. I guess it's according to what He is trying to accomplish in our individual sanctification.

As for the preppers who are "telling ALL"...they need to put their hands over their mouths. Kinda reminds me of when King Hezekiah invited the enemy kings in to see all his foolish to do that. Of course, all his riches would be stolen...what was he thinking? But how many times, I too, have said too much and later regretted it.

Wisdom in all things.

About 15 years ago, He seemed to put 4 words into my heart. I love those 4 words and try to walk in them. This is what He told me:

1.) Be as humble as you can
2.) Repent of everything that does not bring Him joy
3.) Learn to interceed deeply for others
4.) Prepare yourself for what lies ahead

Because I'm at times a restless woman (and always learning about what that dynamic is about)....I get lop-sided now and then with the 4 directives above. Too much on number 4 and not enuf on 1 thru 3. But He brings me back around into a better balance and I love Him for it.

I try to have tolerance and grace for myself and others when we get out of balance because....after all, we have never been this way before. Our grand parents lived thru things we have never had to experience. My grand parents died before my birth so I never heard their stories about how God met their needs during hardship. We have all lived a pretty cushy life. I understand that 3rd world Ch'tns look at people who are just scraping by on welfare in America and think of them as being very rich.

A large portion of the American church has grown fat and lazy....and has no clue as to how God feels about their love of ease and money. I think the Lord has probably sent a delusion upon them that matches their idolatry. I find it very hard to believe that the Lord would just let the American "church" get away with everything they're will all catch up to them soon enuf. And it will be a sad day for everyone. Sometimes I cry when I think about our country and what He would be required to do to wake us up to our sin. Repentance.....what a strange sounding word in most churches. Judgment starts in the household of faith fair and square.

Sorry I got to rambling....a sadness again came over me when I think of our future.

Best Wishes

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 Re: storing up food

Hi dottiejean

How you worm my heart, it's low times for fiends too...

I belive it's better to grow your own food than store all you need. So I do just that.

About the tom, dick, & harry that comes to your/our door I belive you nerely broke the first roll: Don't tell anybody you got anything stored up! Well, I know they do not know or even know how to read you writings.... But, but, Jesus comes as a stranger. I know, I once were a harry on the road... so many shot doore's and turning the back. (It's a past full of much learnig).

You are right many can't afford to store up lots of food, we need to help them to help them selfes.

Bless you and stay close to our loard.

 2012/8/19 17:48Profile


But again, I ask, what of spiritual preparation.


 2012/8/19 18:08

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Wow, Neil, what an excellent word you shared. I could never be offended with truth like that. THANK YOU. Years ago I got into the "prepper forums" but I too saw all the fearmongering and stopped frequenting those site types.

Having said that, I also began to look at the different kinds of fear that we humans can experience. Not all "fears" are equal...ha. Some are destructive...some are healthy.

1.) There is the fearmongering that goes on in those sites that you mentioned....bad diet to be on...very destructive to the Ch'tn who should be crowding in closer to the Lord.

2.) There is the fear of God...something the apostate church has no clue about. If we knew how to fear God properly, we wouldn't be in the big mess we're in here in America.

3.) Then there is the healthy fear God has put into us for survival of the species :) If I'm walking down a railroad track and feel strong vibrations under my feet and ignore it.....I'm hooped. But if those vibrations produce fear enuf to get me to jump off to the side so my life is spared....then I'm sure everyone would agree that I did the wisest thing.

I HATE number 1 above.....fearmongering and obsessing about how we're all gonna "kick butt" WTSHTF. Yeah, right. Like you said, all it would take is one little germ in the right place and a person is dead. Presumption and arrogance have always had a following, huh?

I LOVE number 2 above....having a deep respect and reverence for the God I love which keeps me from wanting to sin and ruin our relationship.

I LOVE number 3 above....simply getting out of the way when you see something bigger than you are barreling your way. I shake my head in amazement when we read about those crazies who wanna have a "hurricane party" when Category 5 cross-hairs have zeroed in on their region. What foolishness. How many of those people are dead because they didn't get out of the way? Proverbs says, "The prudent man sees the evil coming and hides himself from it. The simpleton also sees it coming but does nothing about it and has to suffer the consequences."

A big thanks for your warm welcome to me on SI and your sound and wise words. They are spot on.

Hey...did you get those dishes done? Hop it it, man. They're not gonna get done all by themselves....LOL :)

Best Wishes to you and yours.....

 2012/8/19 18:20Profile


But again what of spiritual preparation?


 2012/8/19 18:59


But again, I ask, what of spiritual preparation.


Bear, my brother, forgive me, i didnt mean to give your post short shrift at all, what you wrote and testified, is of ultimate importance. i just made that short statement because when i read what you wrote about dying in a detention camp, that Small Still Voice said within my soul, 'no he wont", i speak the Truth in Christ....if that sounded flippant or frivoulous, it was not my intention...AT ALL.

i agree with you one hundred and ...fifty percent. swell that folks go thru all sorts of fleshly gyrations vis a vis "prepping".....but to what end?

you noticed i stocked away a case of Bibles....sturdy hard backed ESV's, which i bless God for giving me the leading and the money to do so, but thats just scratching the surface.

i did that because i see a day, when private Bible ownership will be made illegal, at the pains of death.......and as twisted as this sounds, i LONG, i PRAY for that day.

when it will happen? i dont know. there's more i want to write to you on this whole topic, but it aint coming to me, this second, so with that lemme just send my love and my blessings in Jesus, that your heart be indeed comforted with the Comfort that surpasses all understanding, neil

 2012/8/19 19:10

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