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Sometimes it's hard to know what articles to believe and what not to many lies being promulgated on the Net. Personally, I don't find this article hard to believe at all.

A word to the repent, to seek God for His direction, and to obey it. He requires us to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Blessings to each...and His favor on all of us as we prepare for hard days to come.

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Ya know what hit me just today. I didn't have a computer back in '98/99. Not until 2002. But in '98/99 I was listening to shortwave and got as much alternative news as we get now on our computers. It was 24/7 but back then it was the Y2K hype that actually our politicians started but after 2000 they mocked the "preppers" that 'they' told to prep. I have the Newspaper articles of the Y2K czar and other Senators warning us to prepare for the worst and giving all of these scenarios - some convincing evidence that trains would stop running, banks would shut down, etc.

Well, this month, I've felt like I'm back then. Very much so. Back then we were warned of economic colapse, martial law, troops on the streets, the fema detention camps, Gov meltdown - you name it. EMPs going off, just before Russia would hit us. The whole shabang would happen at midnight -- so we watch Australia through shortwave and it was a total Riot [laughing] when nothing happened - BUT, the sources that were hyping the people about Y2K on shortwave, were racking in the bucks on storable food, water filters, you name it.

The same sources have had some hype going ever since, to keep the money coming in.

I view this alterative News Forum and for as long as I've been watching it - yrs now - it's been "THIS IS IT" for all these yrs ... Everyday!

I'm tired! [lol] I've been hearing THIS IS IT since 1998 and I'm burnt out.

The thing of it is and this is a true story that I've shared here before, yrs back - but on Sept 10th when I was still working, I was home alone and wanted a cup of tea and while I went to make it - I heard inside [not audibly] "Have your tea outside". As was my habit - I shook that off - probably about 4 times before I knew for certain that it was in fact Him.
So I go out on the deck with my tea at midnight and just start praying my usual prayers and a Jet caught my attention coming at me from the left and I heard inside "Disaster". Again I brushed it off, but it kept coming and stronger each time, so I looked at the sky and there were two jets together in front of me and the one coming to my left and one to my right [actual jets - not vision] and that word "Disaster" persisted in coming and felt inside that it would be a one time event of 4 jets and just prayed that GOD would do what He wanted with me with this warning and just went to bed.
The next morning, I thought it was strange that my husband had brought the little tv into the kitchen. I didn't watch tv so he brought it in for me to see when I got up. The first plane had already hit the first building and I began to almost yell - "THAT's what The LORD was trying to tell me last night."
I called my best friend up north and she said, HE warned her very early that morning, during her prayer time as well.

Anyways, my point is ... that was during a stretch of time when I wasn't listening to shortwave or any radio and had no computer yet.
All of the hype I've seen on that News forum and especially now with the election coming is draining. I believe all of this constant hype for years now - even from the alternative news site is an intentional form of psychops. The affects of constant hype on the psyche lowers one's ability to react responsibly because hype is low-grade-anxiety producer and the mind doesn't do anything but burn itself out on that.

Reading the Word, we Know what's coming. We've got the 4 horses of the Seals to deal with - etc. war, high prices, etc. We've got Jesus' list of things to be prepared for in Matt 24, etc..
I believe we need to "tune into GOD" and allow Him to show us minute by minute what to do, even in the little things - so that when the big things come - He may even warn us in advance and at the least - show us how to handle our day to day living and what to do for when the big stuff does actually come.

He does speak to His Sheep and warn them ahead - but when He does, it produces a sound mind with right-on directives and Peace.

A wise person knows the warnings that Jesus gave of the end days and at the least - what happens when the Seals are loosed. That's just common sense stuff and I'm sure you know all of this.

Thanks for letting me say what I've wanted to share with someone for months or maybe even yrs now. :)

 2012/8/18 22:40

Joined: 2012/8/16
Posts: 80
Pacific NW


Hey again....Boy! Did you ever hit the nail on the head. The father of lies smiles as he wears us down with hype, lies and fearmongering.

I'm glad I could be a sounding board for what you've wanted to say for a long time :)

And I think you are so RIGHT about turning down the volume of the media and turning up the volume of His sweet voice whispering in our ear.

Sounds like you are good at listening to His whispers. With me, it seems He makes me work/sweat for every bit of information I get. If I don't study the Scriptures, I don't get any new info at all...but when I do, the insights blow me over.

If there were no TV, no internet, no alternative news, no warning dreams, no still small voice speaking.... and all we knew was the YEAR we were in and all we had were the Scriptures....I would still believe our time is just about up.....for MATHEMATICAL reasons.

I discovered several years back how many major wars (BC and AD) and times of punishment upon God's people seem to be based on the number 7. Numbers in the Scriptures are blatant but camouflaged hints, if you will, of what we can expect and when. I think He is following a collection of Calendars that interlock with each other. He gives His kids a certain amount of time in which to repent and when they don't, He visits with destruction.

Lucky you that you were listening to His sweet voice midnite of Sept.10th and knew something was about to happen on the 11th. What a phenomenal story you shared and a BIG THNX for that. I was so blessed.

I suspected big things were gonna happen SOMEtime but had no clue as to what year. 2001 was a sabbatical year and also the technical ending of 6,000 years of mankind on the earth. I should have caught that. Shame on me for not grasping the big overall picture!!!

Here's an example of how God makes me put my nose to the grindstone to get understanding. I don't think He wants me reading modern endtimes books but pushes me toward reading old literature...even when it's Newton's literature can be.

Sir Isaac Newton, that profoundly brilliant scientist from the 1700's, fell in love with the books of Daniel and Revelation at age 12 and began immediately to learn Hebrew and Greek. After years of study, he concluded that Daniel 9:25 in the King James bible had an incorrect punctuation.

He believed that sometime in the future some country would help Israel become a nation once again...and that Jerusalem would be retaken by the Jews. We remember they lost it in 70 AD during that horrific massacre.

Here's the incredible way Newton interpreted Dan. 9:25:

"Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem until the COMING of the Anointed One shall be seven weeks of years." PERIOD. He put a PERIOD right there not a COMMA as in the King James version.

Wow, when I first saw what a big difference a period made over a comma, my jaw dropped open.

Newton did not know exactly...or maybe he did since he was a mathematician....when Jerusalem would be retaken (June 7th, 1967). But if we add the seven weeks of years (49 years) to 1967, we get the year 2016. 2016 is a Jubilee year which is very fitting for the end of all things.

Here's one more example of how close we must be and how I had to dig for it in the old literature. In John Gill's old Commentary on Daniel 12, he mentions Jachiaddes from the 1500's and said the way he added up the numbers in chapter 12 was ingenious. Jachiaddes (a Jewish scholar) also concluded that time would be up in 2016. Here's how he did it:

1.) There are 3,391 years from creation to Daniel (4,000 BC to 609 BC).

2.) Add that amount to the number 1,290 (Dan. 12:11).

3.) Then add 1,335 (Dan. 9:12).

We now have 3,391 plus 1,290 plus 1,335 which equals 6,016 years.

There is a very long list of early church fathers who believed we only get about 6,000 years because of the 6 days of creation model and the day of rest following.

Gosh, I hope I didn't overload you with stuff you probably already know. Forgive me. I love talking about this kind of thing but I probably go overboard at times. Maybe it's cuz I'm feeling old (turning 64 next week) and am hoping all of this ordeal here on earth will be over soon. LOL. But I know none of us get to go HOME until our sanctification is complete. I guess I better hop to it, huh?....more LOLOLOL.

Blessings on will be fun to hear more from you.

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Hi Sister. I like it! Would be Wonderful if it's true. But I don't doubt it. I noticed your signature as soon as you joined up and sort of wondered when you'd let loose :)

Just seems as though that man of sin will pop-up with any soon-to-come chaotic event[s] that come and he only gets 3 1/2 yrs and he/they know that, though they're deceived enough to think that they can war with The Lamb. Did Newton figure on that son of perdition? I haven't read much of Newton but I've read alot about things that I didn't think I'd ever find myself reading about since my salvation. Mainly how the dark-side of this world sees & runs things.
They're very much into numbers and into counterfeiting Biblical prophecies as well, in order to deceive the Saints and Jews. Everything that they do, has to be on a certain date and at a certain time, etc..
Well maybe that talk is for another day, maybe. Too nice of a day to talk the dark things.

I'm glad you're here and for you to be here with us for your B'day.

If you have more on these days that you'd like to share - I'd like to hear it. There's no need for anyone to say "you won't know the day nor the hour" ... but we Can know by the signs that He's spoke for us ... the things that He told us to "watch" for -- the season and promised that 'we' won't be caught by Him coming as a thief in the night. That's His Promise.

Again, glad you're here. It'll be nice to get to know you.

GOD Bless in every way!

 2012/8/19 2:26

Joined: 2012/8/16
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Pacific NW


LOL....wondering when I'd let loose, huh? That comment just made my day (or's just shy of midnite here). I am still giggling and can't stop.

Yes, Newton had lots of things to say about the man of sin, etc. He and tons of protestant reformers believed that the anti-christ was not just one particular man but a long line of men who had ONE MIND....operating under the very same agenda. Apparently, the use of the word "he" in describing the antichrist is actually a word that describes the corporate body....not just one man. Lots of the reformers believed that the RCC (the perverts at the top who were twisting Scriptures for their own benefit)were the major portion of the antichrist system.

Now here's a thought that made my mind do some bending.

Those old theologians believed that the 1,260 days mentioned in Scripture was actually 1,260 years (a year for a day principle as found in Ezekiel).

So when the Angel said that the antichrist system would be crushed at the end of 1,260 years, the logical question is:

When did the 1,260 years start? If we know when it started, then, of course, we will know exactly what year it ends because it ends with the Lord's return.

In Albert Barnes old commentary, he wrote that the 1,260 years began in 752 AD and would end around 2012. Adam Clarke thought that this period started in 754 AD...and so did Newton. I even went to the Vatican web page to see when they said their temporal power was 754 AD. The consensus is that this period started somewhere between 752 and 756 AD.

And what was the actual thing going on that started this countdown? It was not when the Pope took more "spiritual leadership" over the was when he took over TEMPORAL POWER. That means he became a secular ruler over kings...setting kings up and taking them down.

That's another reason why I think we must surely be running out of time.

And Yup you're right, I think, about the occult being deep into numerology. What a superstitious lot they are and an abomination before the Lord. So much deception going on to mislead God's kids.

Thnx for your sweet welcome to me in this Forum. Believe it or not, I always promised myself I would never join anything on the Net. But here I am. I know I'm gonna enjoy the fellowship since I'm living in a very wee town....ha.

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Wow, welcome to SI dottiejean. I'm glad I didn't respond to your post in my flesh because the heart behind it is a far cry from the typical prepper. I've had the honor of meeting several saints that have been lead to prep in wars that look similar to worldly minded preppers but are solidly based in the Word and the fruit of the Spirit. Like J-i-G, I'm tired of the hype but I was caught in it for a period. One brother was shown that the US can be likened to the ship Paul was on that was caught in the storm that eventually is cast on the rocks. The Lord has given him a burden to study the prophets and Revelations beyond his natural abilities. As a result, among other things the Lord has transformed his diet. On a related thread, I would recommend investing the time to read the booklets by Sorokovsky, especially, "A Call to the American Churchs" and "What is Prophecy?" with special attention to the workings of God in the absence of the knowledge of good and evil.

 2012/8/19 3:14Profile

Joined: 2012/8/16
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Pacific NW


Hi Jeremy....thnx for your welcome to SI. I'm feeling at home already.

I just burst into laughter when you said you had a friend who was led to study Paul's shipwreck experience. Me too. A couple of years back I got interested in all the numbers in the Scriptures and what they might possible mean.

I kept wondering why the Holy Spirit would have 2 full chapters in Acts be taken up with great detail on a common storm and sailboat story. Storms at sea and shipwrecks make exciting stories and great Hollywood movies....but why so much space and so much detail given to it in the Bible?

So I just meditated for a while and asked the Lord to give me some insight. I started noticing that these chapters mentioned time periods like...third day, fourteenth night, midnight.

Then I really croaked when I looked at Acts 27:28 where it mentions 20 fathoms and 15 fathoms. Why in the world would we need to know that? I began to wonder if it was meaning 20 years and then 15 years.

I'm a bit too tired at the moment to go into the math of just those 2 numbers, but I really did a double take when with my calculator I discovered these numbers are multiples of other important numbers found in Daniel and Revelation.

It seems like God is flashing neon signs at us trying to get us to ask Him questions about His return. I think He wants to "spill the beans"....ha....and have us understand what has been there all along right under our noses.

Blessings on you and yours.....and thnx for the link.

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To storeup a little gold, food, etc. may be a good idéa.
God bless,

 2012/8/19 6:11Profile


I'm not knocking "preppers" -- that are prepping BY the Holy Spirit.
It's just that some are so foolish as to post on forums ALL that they have - where it ALL is - WHERE they'll "flee" to - how many weapons and how much ammo they have ... NUTS!
A friend even told me that on TV they had an actual reality show about "Preppers" and these preppers came on TELEVISION and showed the camera-crew ALL that they had and where - and all of their guns & ammo --- EVERYTHING. Funny but Not!
Now every criminal knows where to go when any of this stuff these guys are preparing for happens.
Is that not crazy stuff?

You know, though I'm not prepping or feeling led to this time -- when all the Y2K hype was going on - I actually felt The LORD telling me to 'prep' and He amazingly provided a kerosene stove, a coleman cookstove, oil lamps, baby wipes, some canned food and a few other things.

Little did we know that sometime later in January '2000', while it was 28 degrees outside during the days - we had an ice storm that caused a 4 day power outage and Everything that the LORD provided for our "preps" was greatly utilized.
Oh, such Smilies - isn't HE SO GOOD to us all?!

 2012/8/19 13:13

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Hi Fiat, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I began storing up as I was able back in the mid-90's of the very things you mentioned.

However, now after all this time, I have changed my game plan just a bit.

History teaches us that when there is a global economic collapse on the horizon, "the powers that be" seem to think that a world war is always the best solution for getting the economy up and running again.

I don't think economic failure is all that we face. I think there is more. If they get the world war that they want, then none of us here in N. America will be in much of a position to be using gold and silver as trade.....all we're gonna be looking for is FOOD and a warm SAFE PLACE to watch over those we love.

I know that many of God's kids everywhere can't really afford to store up lots of food. For those people, God will surely supply what they need if they are walking a repentant life and listening to His still small voice for direction.

For those who can afford it, Joseph's wisdom in Genesis seems to say that food should be stored up while we can still do it.....not only for our families but for those who were they Ch'tns or non-Ch'tns.

A caution here: I'm not sure we're obligated to share our food with every tom, dick, & harry that comes to our door. We need to pray for God to show us WHO we're to share it with cuz there will be lots of toms, dicks and harrys out there who will want to deplete our supplies. Wisdom must be our guide as to when and where and who.

Blessings on you and yours...and thnx for the link.....

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