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 Broken pieces-Broken people

Broken pieces, broken people
Everywhere I go
How d'ya get to be so broken
It's only God who knows

What d'ya have to listen to
In the early years
Pierced by many sorrows
filled with many tears

What d'ya have to witness
In the darkest night
Your soul it took in everything
despite your eyes shut tight

You're ten thousand broken pieces
Which no one else can see
How ya gonna fix your soul
that's longing to be free

All of the kings horses
And all of the kings men
Could not put the pieces back
back together again

You must gather up your pieces
and come before the throne
Kings and Princes cannot help
Your help's in God alone

He will take what's shattered
the pieces in His hand
He'll undo all the sorrows
so you once more can stand

Now that which once was broken
and filled with many tears
stand's whole before the throne of grace
despite the locust's years

All the years the locust ate
He now restores to you
The darkness of the endless years
replaced with skies so blue

 2012/8/18 9:30

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 Re: Broken pieces-Broken people

This was beautiful, really spoke to me on a personal level. There have been times in my life when I have felt just as you described and thought all hope was lost until I looked to the cross and saw JESUS. HE truly is the only one who can save. What I have found, what amazes me the most is this, as HE takes the pieces of my broken life and weaves them back together, instead of a fixed and patched up life of what use to be an entire new life is given!! JESUS takes these broken pieces of my life and gives them new life in HIM!!

God Bless

 2012/8/18 10:40Profile


Hi MaryJane,

The inspiration for this was, obviously my own broken life, but a short vision I had several years ago. I was in church when I saw in my minds eye a vessel made of pottery. It was taken and dashed to the ground. Now there were some bigger pieces and these were picked up and dashed to the ground. This was done one more time until there was just thousands of little pieces left. And a voice said " who could put this back together again," the intimatation being that this was an impossble task. Then I saw God the Father in the shape of an older man with small glasses at the end of His nose. He was very deliberately taking every tiny piece and putting it back together again. What is impossible for man is possible with our heavenly Father. The significance for me of the dashing three times was 1. The brokeness that I had when I came to Jesus. 2&3 was further breakings I had in a sanctification process. I believe the third one took place last year. I could be wrong about that and there could be further breakings but the Lord knows and His purposes are so much higher than our understanding.............bro Frank

 2012/8/18 13:07

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Speaks well to brokeness and the process of sanctification.
May I interlope by adding on behalf of those of us who were blind guides for so many years before being personally introduced to The Savior.

for those perceived as whole
which we ourselves believed
what Grace exposed the hole
so we could be conceived.

 2012/8/18 14:17Profile


"for those perceived as whole
which we ourselves believed
what Grace exposed the hole
so we could be conceived."

Very good Lylewise ...............bro Frank

 2012/8/18 15:28

 Re: Broken pieces-Broken people

Brother Frank, I'd just like to say that, when I was able to call in on the prayer calls, that you, Brother Edgar, Brother Brian, Brother Merle and All of the others had blessed me so very much, I felt as if I had been to a fine church service and that I miss those days.
I will never forget you praying for the old gentleman that Brother Brain was witnessing to and he came to Christ or the leadership of Brother Edgar that kept the calls flowing in the Spirit and His freedom.
Bless All of you that were on those calls and protect you all By His Strong Hand.

As I read this verse yesterday, I also found Albert Barnes notes on this portion of Scripture and it just now reminded me of you, the prayer gang, this poem that you wrote and it's topic.

LORD Bless your compassion for others!


"2Co 11:30 ~

'If I must needs glory' - It is unpleasant for me to boast, but circumstances have compelled me. But since I am compelled, I will not boast of my rank, or talents, but of that which is regarded by some as an infirmity.

'Mine infirmities' - Greek, “The things of my weakness.” The word here used is derived from the same word which is rendered weak,” in 2Co_11:29. He intends doubtless to refer here to what had preceded in his enumeration of the trials which he had endured. He had spoken of sufferings. He had endured much. He had also spoken of that tenderness of feeling which prompted him to sympathize so deeply when others suffered. He admitted that he often wept, and trembled, and glowed with strong feelings on occasions which perhaps to many would not seem to call for such strong emotions, and which they might be disposed to set down as a weakness or infirmity. This might especially be the case among the Greeks, where many philosophers, as the Stoics, were disposed to regard all sympathetic feeling, and all sensitiveness to suffering as an infirmity. But Paul admitted that he was disposed to glory in this alone. He gloried that he had sneered so much; that he had endured so many trials on account of Christianity, and that he had a mind that was capable of feeling for others and of entering into their, sorrows and trials.
Well might he do this, for there is no more lovely feature in the mind of a virtuous man, and there is no more lovely influence of Christianity than this, that it teaches us to “bear a brother’s woes,” and to sympathize in all the sorrows and joys of others. Philosophy and infidelity may be dissocial, cheerless, cold; but it is not so with Christianity. Philosophy may snap asunder all the cords which bind us to the living world, but Christianity strengthens these cords; cold and cheerless atheism and scepticism may teach us to look with unconcern on a suffering world, but it is the glory of Christianity that it teaches us to feel an interest in the weal or woe of the obscurest man that lives, to rejoice in his joy, and to weep in his sorrows."

 2012/8/21 13:48

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