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Monroe, LA - USA

 If you can "stomach" it ...

This video shows just how “dead serious” the United States' government is about making sure that the homosexual lifestyle is treated as totally normal:

Not even a faith-based housing group can deny such lifestyles in its community if it has anything to do with HUD, and we are warned by this video that even if we aren't associated with HUD, if we are in the USA, we could be in trouble for choosing not to allow such people to live in our rental property! If you wanted to have a more "family oriented" community to prevent bad influences on vulnerable children ... you couldn't do so in the USA.

Family has certainly been re-defined in the USA.

Michael Strickland

 2012/8/17 12:47Profile

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 Re: If you can "stomach" it ...

Sorry, couldn't stomach the monotone teleprompter speech past the one minute mark. I'll take your word that it didn't go uphill from there though.

 2012/8/17 12:50Profile

 Re: If you can "stomach" it ...

The Homosexual Agenda is being used as a Pawn by the powers that be. It's Daniel and his collegues all over again, trying to change the law to oust him, to get him out of the way.

Thank you for the warning about stomaching it, I will not be watching it.

 2012/8/17 13:55

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