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littlefield, tx

 In The Final Analysis

In the final analysis, many believers will stand before God bragging about all of the things they did for His kingdom, only to learn they failed to do the one thing He wanted them to do personally. In the final analysis, the one thing that matters is that we're led by God in all we do & say, in every area of our lives. Pray for us that we will always seek God's light in all we do, in every situation we face. Few people realize it's God's servants who need prayer the most. Satan will do all he can to trip us up or discourage us, if we're really being effective for God's kingdom. My life is dedicated to helping people to find the strait & narrow way, & walk there. I'm not about a lot of superficial & entertaining nonsense. I'm about helping you to get your priorities straight & become all you can be for the kingdom of God. That type of ministry is often lonely. Few are really drawn to anything that will impact their lives & change them. I pray each day that God will draw people to me & my ministry that are serious about getting somewhere in their relationship with God. I pray that He will give me just the words I need to reach them & get them on the right path. I strive to be led by God in all I say each day.

wayne freeman

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