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 Healthcare covering Sterilization of young girls without parental consent

Article -

Sterilization of girls 15 yrs old and possibly 12 yrs old, under HealthCare.


Section 2713 of the PHS Act, as added
by the Affordable Care Act and
incorporated into ERISA and the Code,
requires that non-grandfathered group
health plans and health insurance
issuers offering group or individual
health insurance coverage provide
benefits for certain preventive health
services without the imposition of cost
sharing. These preventive health
services include, with respect to
women, preventive care and screening
provided for in the comprehensive
guidelines supported by the Health
Resources and Services Administration
(HRSA) that were issued on August 1,
2011 (HRSA Guidelines).1 As relevant
here, the HRSA Guidelines require
coverage, without cost sharing, for ‘‘[a]ll
Food and Drug Administration [(FDA)]
approved contraceptive methods,
sterilization procedures, and patient
education and counseling for all women
with reproductive capacity,’’ as
prescribed by a provider.


This Mandate is the result of Affordable Care Act, commonly known as “Obamacare,” passed in 2010. In September of that year the federal government announced a general list of “preventive services,” but asked the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to recommend a list of “preventive services for women.”

Religious groups urged the IOM to not include sterilization and contraceptive services in the Mandate. Undeterred, in July 2011 the IOM made recommendations that included the two services, and the government adopted them in August of 2011.

Referring the details of these “preventive” services to the IOM was apparently intended to provide an appearance of scientific objectivity to the enactment of the HHS Mandate. However, Research conducted by Human Life International has revealed that every member of the IOM committee heavily biased in favor of legalized abortion—some with direct ties to abortion advocacy groups. Not a single member was pro-life, much less had any qualms about contraception and sterilization.

All health plans will have to cover these “preventive services” without co-pays or other cost sharing—regardless of whether the insurer, the employer or other plan sponsor or even the woman herself objects to such coverage.

This should truly upset us and make us think - What could be next for these Law-breaking-law-makers?

 2012/8/14 15:07

 Re: Healthcare covering Sterilization of young girls without parental consent

Outrageous Totalitarianism: Absolute, crushing control over your mind, body, and then your soul; THIS, is the goal of Socialist Marxism.....and realize that the war is not immediate and direct, it is PROGRESSIVE!...which simply means divide first, nibble it down to the bottom, and move on for another tiny bite.

It is us they are after,

 2012/8/14 18:41

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So stupid!

You can sterilize a minor girl without parental consent but not feed children a free lunch without a waiver from zoning officials.

Have people gone crazy?

Ok, I will try to calm down. It seems to me someone is working to redefine commonsense that originates with some unknown entity. Logic, kindness,and goodwill do not factor in at all - just some one else's whim who enjoys exercising power over others. It is like saying, "do not think! You are not to be trusted - only I can tell you what is right and proper!"

Sandra Miller

 2012/8/14 22:16Profile

 When the babies howl.

....."Just some one else's whim who enjoys exercising power over others. It is like saying, "do not think! You are not to be trusted - only I can tell you what is right and proper!"..........Ginnyrose.

George Orwell wrote a book defining the liberal, anti-Christ Socialist spirit, called 1984. In it, was the supreme leader, possibly representing Stalin, Mao, or a model of all totalitarian Presidents, BIG-BROTHER! [ do you notice that Obama is always selling his ideas? Hope and Change?...hmmmmm..]

In this book, the subject was finally subdued [ he evidently was a conservative free-thinker ], and sent to a camp to become re-educated, until he saw the light. He did , and was murdered at that moment.

This book modeled the mind-control that politically correct ideology might wield on a society, until they actually become "sheeple"; unable to think, or decide moral issues, or resist political ones that may tend to enslave them.

This is why doctrine, and IDEA-OLOGY are so important. It matters what you believe in your heart...very much, for your true ideas [ faith ] shape your response on the outside; your deeds, your fruit, and how , or whether or not you respond according to God's heart, or the anti-Christ.

This is why the FREE CHURCH is slain everywhere that Marxist/Socialism implants itself. It cannot tolerate the free thinking, and commited actions that the true Church will elevate. Jesus came to set us free, in many venues, and free in deed too.

This is why the current persecution level is rising today, and the vitriol spewed out upon the church, and as the many wicked mandates of the Left are judicially mandated; such as Abortion, anti-family sodomite agenda's, and general Anti-Christ permissive values are trumpeted. This kind of thinking, or mind-numbing, destroys holy Conviction, and the obedience to God's way as the heart of holy living.

In this, moral conviction is either embraced, or ignored. Consider the first man born of woman on Earth, CAIN. After God Himself spoke to Cain about his failed sacrifice, and honored his brother, he thought why not; I'll just murder him, and be done with it; it will be OK....and did.

This is why the SS of Nazi fame could place infant babes in a tub of gasoline and burn them, for sport. They thought it entertaining, as their helpless mothers screamed in agony nearby watching their children torched.

These soldiers were once innocent youngsters who became brainwashed through thinking; politically correct thoughts about their superiority and other's non-human status; they became indoctrinated, and behind ideas there is always spiritual forces; that either lead you to God or away from him. Ideas, or Doctrine prove Lordship.

This is why the Word of God is so important to the believer; It is the embodiment of the "Mind of Christ", the thinking , if you will of the Creator Himself. David states that he meditates day and night, [ psalm 119 ] and that it is his chief joy.


"Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman,
“Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?”

If Satan could adjust Eve's resolve, in thinking about the veracity and importance of God; IE change her thinking about Him, He could manipulate her into sin, and there-by his death world......and He did.

This is at the core of this battle we see today with Red Marxist/Socialism; when your thoughts are adjusted to believe that this is truth, then your heart will follow, and numbed; you become first in line to see the babies howl.

It's scary how far they have got.

 2012/8/15 4:49

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 Re: When the babies howl.

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight!" Isaiah 5:20,21

 2012/8/15 8:40Profile

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