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 Former Crystal Cathedral May Become 'Most Significant' Catholic Center After the Vatican

Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif., formerly known as Crystal Cathedral, was visited on Wednesday by a group of international Catholic leaders who took a tour of the massive building and shared their excitement over its future potential once the current Crystal Cathedral congregation leaves campus.

Hank Evers, director of development and communications for the Orange Catholic Foundation, said he believes the church has "world-wide implications" and the Diocese of Orange has the chance to "create here the most significant Catholic cultural center in the world outside of the Vatican," as reported by The Orange County Register. ...

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 Re: Former Crystal Cathedral May Become 'Most Significant' Catholic Center

This does not seem supprising to me, neither was I supprised by Robert shullers response

///Crystal Cathedral's founder, Robert H. Schuller, responded positively. "It is time for all believers not to focus on differences, but on respect and appreciation for our common goals," he said in a statement Friday. "Today is not an ending; rather, it is a divine continuance of a beautiful, sacred campus that was dedicated to the greater glory of God."

What Was a shock to me however, was When I was researching shuller and norman vincent peal and the like a few years ago, and discovered there influence on many of the Big name evengelical preachers, that I at one time had respect for.

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