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 Bibles Now Prohibited in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan appears to be taking the repression of Christians one step further.

Joel Griffith with Slavic Gospel Association explains, "It seems the authorities are going into private homes and actually confiscating religious books from these homes during the raids they make; and they're also threatening fines."

The case stems from a series of recent raids, as reported by Forum 18 News. Based on the details of the case, Forum 18 began questioning the apparent violations of due legal process, denials of legal representation,

misrepresentation defendant pleas, untimely verdicts, and so-called "expert analyses" that confused Protestant books with Jehovah's Witness books.
Griffith notes, "Police confiscated one Bible in the Uzbek language, and then there was a Bible in the Russian language that was confiscated. Then, from one Protestant home, reportedly, a book by John Bunyan was confiscated." It ...


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 2012/8/12 21:50Profile

 Re: Bibles Now Prohibited in Uzbekistan

I had a Korean friend that ministered in Uzbekistan in the late 80s and early 90s. When he arrived on his mission, there may have been only about 10 real Christians in the country. When he left, about 10 years later, there were about a thousand.

I think that God used him to prepare for this event; as the Gospel is being shut down everywhere now, and the Arab Spring has implemented emboldenment of radical totalitarian Sharia Islam in many countries, and it will get much, much worse.

It is happening before our eyes, and very sobering to me.

 2012/8/12 22:25


Any time we use the mainstream media's propoganda phrase,"Arab Spring", we should qualify it with what it really was, "Islamic Revolution".

So I suggest, "Arab Spring/Islamic Revolution"

For what it's worth to anyone.

(edit for spelling)

 2012/8/15 7:03

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