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 Missouri prayer amendment passes

Voters in Missouri overwhelmingly approved a "right to pray" amendment to the state's constitution on Tuesday, despite concerns about the measure's necessity and legality.

Amendment 2, which supporters said would protect the freedom of religious expression in public schools and other public spaces, received nearly 80 percent of the vote.

The language on Tuesday's ballot stressed the rights of citizens to express their religious beliefs and the rights of children to pray and acknowledge God in schools. It also stated that students could be exempted from classroom activities that violate their religious beliefs. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/8/9 2:29Profile

  PRAYER: The next right to be outlawed?...It is possible.

"The Welfare of the People shall be the Supreme Law!"

Missouri"s official motto. Remember that back then, States rights were more like individual Countries, than municipalities, as they are today.[ We had a Civil War to straiten this out.]

When the Civil War did occur, this may have been the primary reason that Missouri sided with the South; States rights to do AS THEY PLEASED!.[ probably rooted in stubborn Pride more than the welfare of it's citizens.]

The Missouri congress accentuated the ferocity to which these "Fundamental Rights" would be defended, by inserting a couple of Grizzly Bears on their State Flag; they tend to eat everything that stands in their way.___________________________________________

"Within the second circle, there are 23 small stars and one large star, symbolizing Missouri’s status as the 24th state in the United States. Two large grizzly bears stand at the outer edges of the inner circle, symbolizing the bravery of the citizens of Missouri and the strength of the state. The two grizzlies are perched on a scroll bearing an inscription of the state motto of Missouri. ____________________________________

The neat thing about a democratic Republic, is that the sword swings both ways for everyone; even the lowly Christian. [ Paul the Apostle figured this out....].

I think that someone in the Legislature there was pressured; [ perhaps by the Roman Catholic Church, perhaps by a zealot within the Assembly of God; [ whose headquarters reside there. ] we do not know..] to submit this bill, and the congress there thought it wise to pass, considering there constituents they represent, and the fact that it is a win/win situation for their re-election.

Everyone [ except liberal Washington] likes individual freedom to worship, and most probably understand, that in liue of our current Presidents hatred of individual rights, and the Word of God as stated in our Bible, that they are being pirated day by day; Replaced by an anti-Christ, Marxist/Socialist agenda, mandated by Judicial legislation, with NO SAY in it themselves.

So, someone along the Line, thought it wise to enact this LAW, maybe as a political pun; "If this juggernaut keeps up, pretty soon prayer itself will become criminalized!"

And who knows, maybe they are right. I think the CHIK-FIL-A episode contributed to the alarm posed in this Missouri Law; A shock and awe wake up call, as to how far and how much our liberties have been violated; and it is their way of sticking their head out of the window and screaming; "BULL! I'm not taking it anymore!"

A lot of folks are doing the same across the land.

 2012/8/9 10:06

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