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Thursday, 17 February 2005

In February 2005, after a protracted legal case, a judge ruled that a local community radio station, which upholds the law and glorifies the name of Jesus Christ, is to close down in 30 days, having lost its broadcasting licence. It would appear that there is a dedicated effort, promoted by government, to silence true Christian stations.
The word God does not seem to offend anyone and it is liberally used in all religions. It is the name Jesus Christ that offends.

In presenting its case, it was noted that the Moslems and Hindu's have their own broadcasting stations and they are, according to the recent census, minority groups in this country, which has been called a Christian country. The majority of people still claim to be Christians. This reality does not seem to have any bearing on the case and neither logic nor even handedness in law is being applied.

While the radio stations are under attack, television screens are filled with blasphemy, violence and pornography. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world. It holds the record for murders and rape cases, including the rape of infants under the age of 3 years.
It is virtually impossible to watch any movies on television in which the name of God, and particularly the name of Jesus, is not used repeatedly and in an obscene manner. Into this cauldron some local housewives launched petitions against blasphemy, violence and gratuitous sex on television and in all forms of the media.

Joined in this endeavour by a Pastor in the metropolis area of Johannesburg/Pretoria, over 220,000 signatures were collected, Hollywood was visited and main line churches were approached world wide to encourage them to uphold the name of Jesus and to indicate clearly that blasphemy is not tolerable to Christians.

Please pray for South Africa. For the nation that it will turn to God for salvation, for the leaders that they will abandon Marxist policies and Moslem goals and for the Christians, who will be coming increasingly under persecution in South Africa as indeed they shall, world wide.

Thank you for your prayer support and for all watchmen on the walls who bring information and prayer requests for action.

Ron Halverson

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