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 Children: Is Eternity on Their Hearts?

The following is a fairy tale composed by two little girls, 6 and 4 – in preparation for a puppet play. We're also turning it into a picture book. I merely dictated them, challenged any inconsistencies, and smoothed out the thought flow.

In this story you easily see the influence of the media and the social world on these girls. But, you also see hints of Biblical concepts: the effects of evil and the effects of grace, justice and mercy, restitution, empowerment, human struggle, and superhuman mediation. This is surely remarkable for children raised outside of the church environment.

Don Richardson, a missiologist wrote a book called, “Eternity On Their Hearts”. He believes that in every culture on earth you will find evidence that God has planted eternity in their hearts. You use that to introduce the gospel.

The following “modern” fairy tale, I think, reveals the same truth in our own culture – and it is evident even in the thoughts of young children.

Feel free to edit, adapt, and use this fairy tale as you wish. It is not difficult to make a transition to the Good News message of the gospel.


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 Re: Children: Is Eternity on Their Hearts?

The Sugar Sisters

Once upon a time there were two sisters - the sugar plum princess and the sugar flower princess.

Their father was a very mean king. That is because long ago, before the princesses were born, a very bad woof put a spell on him.

That is the same woof who was killed by the Handsome Prince. (You can read about that in Part One.)

The king had 20 pet woofs in his castle. They did whatever he said.

He himself never did anything. He just sat around all day watching TV and rotting his brain.

He called the woofs whenever he wanted something; and they would come right away.

He even bossed the queen around.

This king was so mean that if anyone said “No” to him, he would order the woofs to throw them into the dungeon right away.

Whenever he saw people cheerful or say “Hi!” to someone, he would tell the woofs to trap them in cages. And if anyone tried to rescue them, he’d trap them too.

When someone knocked on the castle door, his doorkeeper woof would shout, “You can come in only if you are a woof or you have lots of junk food from the store.” People brought the king donuts, candy, and all kinds of junk food.

The king drank lots of pop. He drank ten beers a day.

One day the king asked the 20 woofs to dance. He wanted everyone in his kingdom to see how good his woofs could dance so that they would like the king. He said, “Dance dance, dance – like a robot.”

There was a silver fairy living in the castle. She was a sister of the good golden fairy in the magic forest; but the king didn’t know that.

The king told the silver fairy to videotape the dancing, so that the people in his kingdom could see it.

But she only pretended to tape it. Actually she took out the batteries. She put a spell on the king’s eyes so he could see what he wanted to see. But nobody else saw it.

There was a small forest in the kingdom not far from the castle. The King told the silver fairy to put magic into this forest. He wanted it to be all dusty so that when people walked through it they would sneeze and get sick; and it would get into their eyes so they couldn’t see.

But the silver fairy did not make the forest dusty.
She actually made it clean, but just look dirty to the king.

Instead she made an invisible wall so that the woofs would bump into the wall when they tried to get into the forest. They were not allowed in because they would bite the trees and make holes in them. They would eat up all the leaves.

Everyone else could walk right through the wall into the forest.

You already know about the other forest far away outside the kingdom. It was a very big forest. It was a magic forest.

This was the forest where the sugar plum princess had once picked plums while standing on a pink rock. She knew that the rock was magic because the golden fairy told her after the Handsome Prince had killed a bad woof. (That’s the woof that put a spell on the king).

To get to the forest you had to take a secret road and go down some steps and through a secret passage.

One day the silver fairy came to the two princesses. She said to them, “Go to the magic forest and get the pink rock. Bring it to the castle. It will make the king good.”

“Yes we will do that!” they said.

“I will help you,” she said. “I will stay with you until you reach the top of the stairs.”

So the sisters set out to find the pink rock. They rode two white horses with pink saddles and bags hooked onto the saddles. Inside the bags were two sleeping bags and a tent for the sisters to use when they slept at night.

It took a whole week to find the secret passage.

When the sisters reached the steps just outside the forest they got off the horses. Then they walked down the steps and through the secret passageway into the forest.

They walked right to where the woof’s tree was – so they thought. They noticed that it was gone. It was cut down.

They soon came to the garden and there they met the golden fairy picking flowers. They asked her, “Who cut down the tree?” She said, “I did, with my magic wand!”

“Oh, I didn’t know that!” both sisters said at the same time.

“Why are you here?” asked the golden fairy.

“We are looking for the magic pink rock. Can you help us?” asked the sugar plum princess.

“Yes!” answered the golden fairy.

They walked through the flowers and then over the golden bridge.

When they reached the other side they saw a plum tree. The sugar plum princess remembered that tree. She looked up at the tree, and then she looked down.

“I see the rock!” she said excitedly.

They picked up the rock. It was very heavy; but they did not get tired. Instead they felt themselves getting stronger.

The rock seemed to give them courage and make them happy as they carried it to back the secret passage.

The golden fairy went with them as far as the stairs. Then she used her magic wand to make a carriage and hitch it to the horses. Inside the carriage was a blanket with beautiful designs on it.

The golden fairy carefully put the rock on the blanket.

The two princesses hopped into the carriage and rode off to take the rock to the castle.

When they got to the castle they thought they should disguise themselves as woofs so that they would be allowed in. They thought they had to trick the doorkeeper woof because they did not have junk food.

While talking about this, they suddenly saw the silver fairy at the door. With her magic wand she opened the door. “Come in!” she said, “I will take you to the king so you can give him the magic rock.”

The sisters went inside and followed her straight to the king.

Then they said to him, “Here is a rock that we got for you.”

He said, “Oh! It is glowing!”

“It’s magic!” said the sugar flower princess.

He took the rock.
Then suddenly the evil spell was broken.

The magic pink rock made the whole castle shine; and even the whole kingdom began to shine.

After that everything turned good. The king gave the people their money back again. The houses became nicer. The people’s clothes became nicer.

The woofs saw that the king was now good. They thought the king would kill them so they ran away and never returned.

Everyone in the kingdom lived happily ever after.

~~ The End ~~


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