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Has judgment begun? The Lord always stresses drought for the sinning nation; it was Elijah's beginnings. This year we will survive, but next, and the next? There have been prophesies about famine here, but it so hard to believe....but now???

 2012/8/2 11:21

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It has me woundering and thinking shortly after the 1929 stockmarket crash than came the dust bowel and the drought of the 30s, Now our economy is just hanging on by a thread and we are seeing a drought being compared to the 30's

I also sometimes wounder just what the Globalist are capable of when it comes to Weather modification.

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Do very many people understand the financial implications of this?

There is a shortage of hay for the cattle; they are sold because of lack of feed, be it grass, hay or grain.

Grain prices so high that farmers cannot afford to pay for it. This will effect not only cattle, but hogs, dairy cows, chickens.

Aquaculture is big business in our county - am not sure the acreage given to it - it is in the 15,000 acres range. Price dropped to $.75/lb from $1.20; feed prices spiraled high in the mean time. Not profitable at all.

Ok, so some have crop insurance which means the insurance companies are to pay to the farmer when they have a crop failure. Not all farmers have crop insurance, but imagine if a fair amount of these did, what will happen to the insurance companies once they are presented with claims by these farmers - can they stand it financially?

This is a problem that will effect the consumer in many ways.

Sandra Miller

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"You'd have to go back to the 1930s to find any drought as widespread as this one," CNN meteorologist Dave Hennen said...


I have been keeping track of these events on my own forum. I believe we are seeing harbingers - signs of impending judgement on the nations - birth pains. Signs of the times that the Lord is about to begin we know and understand as the time of the great tribulation - the time of Jacob's trouble. Which means the hour is near to our redemption - the first resurrection. keep watching.

MSNBC - Nightly News - Corn Prices Hit Record Levels As Drought Continues

Global Food Crisis Looms

Epic Drought

Epic Heatwave


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The great thing about today is that we are nothing like the 1930's when most of the agricultural world were still using horses. There have been great sweeping advances since those days and that is why we will not be going into a depression but a major recession that will affect everyone everywhere. Those who want to strike will think twice and there will be dissension within the parties for those who want to strike.

We are not entering THEE judgment, but a judgment. There have been many economic upheavals in the recent and distant past and certain judgments have transpired and they will again and again. As long as we are on the "Last Days" kick, it does nothing for anyone, it really doesn't. We all should be ready anyway, not because it's the "Last Days" but because we love the Lord our God and love our neighbour as ourselves. Since we are counted for sheep to the slaughter, we could die by the sword or live on till we die a natural death, so our "Last Days" could be today, tomorrow or 50 years from now. What good is the "Last Days" to me when I am with the Lord? Absolutely Zero!

 2012/8/2 12:51

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The 30's drought was a harbinger as well Approved, and we all KNOW what happened after that don't we ?

The Great Depression, WW2 - and the establishing of the Jewish sate of Israel, which is a major prophetic event - the direct fulfillment of Ezekiel 36-37

So what will the harbingers appearing now bring?

Prophetic voices have been saying for some time that the world is on the brink of some major calamities, global war, persecution and the rise of the anti-christ. We are to watch and pray and to know the signs of The Day of the Lord - so that that day will not overtake us as a thief in the night.

1 Thessalonians 5:4-6
New King James Version (NKJV)
4 But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief. 5 You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness. 6 Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.


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In 1964 a severe drought began and lasted four years. It had been labeled as the worst drought so far in the century.

What preceded this drought in "62" Supreme Court ruled prayer unconstitutional.

In "63" Supreme Court ruled bible reading in school unconstitutional.

Go figure.

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 2012/8/2 18:48

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They are fully capable of making the weather do whatever they want it to. The same holds true for earthquakes. The only thing that was (is) holding them back, was (is) the LORD . . .

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If this drought continues, it will only be an addition to our economic woes, and further the already apparent bleak future of America; the American Dream; unique on the face of the Earth, where common people actually ruled a great country.

It is like we are watching, helplessly, a play unfolding; Act 1, : When the towers fall....9/11. This scriptural event, if indeed it is referring to 9/11, does usher in the End of Days, the Last Days.

"And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall." [ I believe it does refer to that event.]

" Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound."...[ Isaiah 30 ]. [ He binds the breach by His return! ]

And Act 2: the rise of Islamic War upon us, and it's rising in strength and power; and Act 3: the financial meltdown and crash, and staggering, incomprehensible debt; where we measure it in the millions of millions; TRILLIONS!; ...APPROACHING 17 AS I WRITE! [ AND WORLD-WIDE BY THE WAY...]

Act 4: World-wide chaos, Tsunamis, genocide, and yes, Draught....hmmmmm.....and they all HATE Jesus....and "America can never fall!" hmmmmm. Sound like ancient Rome, or Solomon's Israel?

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and the Arab Spring; the forming of a massive Caliphate, all despising Israel and America, and soon to be Nuclear Armed..[ with powerful China and Russia at their side to war with them..] and a Muslim President of America compliant unto them.

I received a vision in 2003, about the judgment coming, and God's response to America in the manifestation of the holiest and most wonderful people, women and men, that America has ever seen: The end-time Bride in our country.

THE END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM...[ audibly spoken to me by the Lord.]

I’m writing about something sacred to me, and you will understand as I go on. I am almost 63, and I have been given dreams and visions, along with many other experiences with God since 1972, the year of my salvation and indwelling. In general, I have not shared them, except in a limited way, and that as the Lord has led.

In March, 2003, almost 10 years ago, I was in the spirit in a vision. I saw a most beautiful company of men and women preparing for an event. They were Christians, and fearfully holy, and beautiful. They were dressed in simple and humble attire.

They were not young, nor old. It reminded me of the military days when I and my fellow soldiers would prepare for a mission, gathering material and supplies and strategy. These were the holiest people I have ever imagined. They glowed with Heaven’s Presence, and their eyes were like lamps; emitting light and love. They were frightening.

The scene changed and I saw a multitude of American people, trudging along like the bomb-out of Dresden, Germany… with dirty suits, with heads down, homeless, in a crowd that poked along for miles and miles. Children held the hands of parents, trudging along, with a general air of depression and despair. They had lost everything.

Every molecule of the sky and the Earth and the substance of that vision spoke a word…”THE END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM.” I also knew it would center around a “mortgage greed craze.”

The scene changed again, and I was there, watching as another mass of people
were trudging along. They were all minorities, mostly black and Hispanics. I then realized that the first group were all white. The difference being that they, the minorities were very, very angry…..riot motivated angry. These crowds stretched for miles. “The End of the American Dream.” was over them all. These too, had lost everything…homes, cars, and all luxuries and possessions: they were in the street.
I can only guess at the numbers…maybe a total of about 3 million split between both groups. I saw signs of traditional ministries following this group…but without much impact.

The vision ended.

Implications and thoughts.
Firstly, I think the fall of the American economy and dream is permanent. I do not think that we will ever see America rise to the prosperity levels that we saw previous to October 2008. It is over. I could say, “never to rise again.”

Secondly, it is going to get much, much worse. If 3 million people are homeless, then it means that many more were displaced, perhaps 20 to 25 million. The 3 million are just those who have no friends or family to take them in.

Thirdly, the economy will not recover…ever.

The economy is collapsing, along with jobs. We will see the fuller impact beginning the summer of 09′. Renters also will be affected, and perhaps more vulnerable. Everyone has bought into the idea that your CREDIT RATING is the thing that makes you a success. The Lord showed me men in dirty suits, which reads to me that the middle and the upper middle class will also be there among them. The rich, and the nearly rich have acquired debt as a lifestyle, to enjoy and be entitled to the American dream to the fullest. From gourmet pet food, to the “better colleges”, classy cars, along with the “Prize”…the 5 bedroom brick Tudor semi-mansion in the ‘burbs…the middle class has taken the bait…and who will deliver them?

All believed that America would just go on putting out for ever...and it would never end. It has now.

As I write, the largest reverse migration in American history is happening: Mexican migrants returning to Mexico. In the past several months, over 2 million have returned home to the south, to survive with their families. There is no longer the construction industry. It has vanished, along with the absence of a credit market. The mass exodus continues, and the poor and service industries are always the first to fall.


There are 4 sins that are paramount in the last days; Immorality, Murder, Theft and Sorcery. America was founded in Christian Puritanical beliefs, that spread throughout her government and judicial system, and the fibers of every realm of society. Volumes could be, and are written on her demise, but it is suffice to say that America, hand in hand with the freedom to do ANYTHING she likes, or is pleasurable, (has believed) it is our RIGHT: guaranteed by our constitution.
This can be paralleled with ancient Israel as they often drifted the same way…and throughout time, the Lord has so dealt with nations by sending judgment.

The CHURCH is the salt of the Earth, and the American Church has, overall, lost her saltiness, her savor. We have been exposed, uncovered as one loving prosperity, and living and loving such riches as the prior Kings of the Earth knew not. We have willfully believed that happiness, health and prosperity have become our rights! God has ordained that we are the head, and not the tail.
There is no longer a Word about Sin, for there really is no sin, just principles! God is all inclusive, and God is Love. I f there is no sin, then there is no repentance, and we are Earth bound.

Of course, we will fly away to more luxury and peace later, but that is in the by and by. The Blood of Jesus is no longer the pillar of our faith..but instead our pillar is the living of a purpose filled life, and that with your best life NOW! Happiness and Prosperity, along with good health to make you live longer and enjoy it, of course.

The end of the matter and conclusion concerning this sordid and unbiblical church is simple. THE CHURCH NO LONGER NEEDS GOD, or HER GLORIOUS MASTER, THE LORD JESUS! He exists only to serve her, like a butler, and to protect her rights, and of course, she shall never suffer.

When this vision is matured, the Church will realize that she does need God. The church will need Him more than she ever believed she would.

Judgment:Immorality. America and pornographic Hollywood, making billions yearly, importing our filth to nations that still blush, not being Christian. We have elevated sodomy to the halls of congress, and marry homosexuals. We teach our children, by law, the rightness of inclusiveness: that this is natural and must be accepted. We sell sex , millions of times a day on our airwaves, and are awash in sexual enhancement products, and endorse public displays of horrific and blasphemous “art forms”.

It is indeed a river of filth, and shows no signs of abating. Watch one minute of VH1 or MTV. This is our legacy.

Judgment: Murder. Over 50 million innocent children taken (alive) from their mothers wombs; that’s one out of six today in America. Don’t worry, God has covered His eyes, and didn’t see. Violence and death, and the “mass murderer”. This was generally unknown in America, with very few exceptions. It is a spirit.
My own brother was murdered, assassinated. The murderer was never brought to man’s justice. The US government does not hesitate to do so either, if it serves our political interest.

Remember KHADAFI, and his tent in the sand…and his daughters that were blown to bits by an American cruise missile?

Judgment: Theft. I have written in my Bible, “THE BANKING SPIRIT.” Every element of business has morphed into a predator mentality, from the car dealer, to the investment Banker and your local bank, to the mechanic and Neighbor, Fairness, and doing the right thing has been replaced by deception and greed, to profit. It is a jungle out there, and everyone wants to rip you off. Have you ever felt that way? That’s because theft is rampant….

Judgment: Sorcery. Witchcraft and her covens are growing exponentially. Harry Potter, and some 30 TV shows and more cartoons about the occult are feeding our children a steady diet of satanism, not counting the hundreds of dark video games they devour. Well, as long as they are quiet!

The other side of sorcery is DRUGS: We have joyfully embraced drugs for any and all discomfort or pressure or unhappiness. Psychotropic drugs that “calm the nerves”, are casually dubbed “MEDICATION”; PSYCHOLOGICALLY EQUATING IT WITH REAL CURES, like penicillin, or the Polio cure. It is not. they are drugs…dopa!

The medical practice of the Physician has been reduced to a pill pusher…a pill for everything! It is the chief advertising dollar in America. It is estimated that one in six Americans use Marijuana.

Methamphetamines are a plague to mid-America. Our prisons are bursting, overcrowded two to one, or worse. Thousands are beheaded and murdered today, as we speak, in Mexico over control of the dealing of this evil lust and addiction inside America.

You cannot tell the difference between the Church, and the World….except that possibly the Church doesn’t drink and party as much, and goes to meeting on Sunday.


Hope and Faith
God will provide. He has never forsaken one who has put their trust in Him, never! He has never broken a Promise, never, to any who Love Him, and even to those who call upon His Name!

There is a great division coming however, and it will prove to be a division between those who love Him, or love their own lives more.

How will we respond without prosperity? Will we be, as righteous Job, and still trust and say: “Even though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him!”, or will we be selfish, and despise His chastening, and Him too, when things are no longer? How will we relate to the homeless, the poor, and especially to Christians that have lost everything? (see Acts 4:32) Will we open our homes, and will we give? Even unto our last cup of meal and oil to cook it with?

Will we give all unto the Lord, no matter the cost, or circumstances? Will we lay our lives down for our brothers and sisters, no matter what?...or...will we get all we can, and can all we get? Some will…and the days of Ananias and Sapphira will return again. (see Acts 5:1-11 )

This will end in a purified church. The true Church will be greatly affected, for when we suffer, we stop playing Church, and become the Church. There will be a shift from institutionalized pew sitters, and the clergy laity model, to the BODY, edifying itself in Love. The “House Church will become the norm, and the professional clergy will dry up for lack of money, and real anointing. The least of the Brethren will become a battle cry, and for those who want Jesus, their compassion’s will abound and increase, even unto abandonment…and that is what this HOLY company is about.

They will be completely abandoned to Christ, and will impart that spirit. They will take the lead as examples, to minister to a grieving America, and will do so in real Power and Love.

There will again be a difference between the holy and the profane, and it will be obvious.

The catastrophe will be the stepping stone to REVIVAL, but not in the way of REFORMATION. It will be upheaval…a Revolution! It will be a rebirth, a true renewal based on Resurrection Life from Heaven, not reform in Doctrine only.
Many, many will return to Christ, and many will receive Him as Savior, as they behold real Glory and Love. Many will go on in their dead religion, and reject compassion. Many lost will be saved, and there also will be real healings and signs, that are indisputable, accompanied by brothers and sisters who want no glory of their own. Holiness will be all about them, and all will see.

This will be an awesome time for those willing to pay the price. We may not have a lot, but the promise is, “God will provide!” - this is a conditional promise however, fulfilled unto those who honor, fear, and Love Him.

Remember these words:

Jesus will become the rise and fall unto many. Many religious people and false Pastors and Prophets will be exposed in this pressure…Many. Many holy will gain Jesus, and true Salvation in this time. There will be those who give all, and truly please their Master. It will be, as the old novel begins, “THE BEST OF TIMES, AND THE WORST OF TIMES.”

The best for those who fall at His feet, and say: “JESUS IS LORD. IT IS HE, AND HE ALONE WHO IS LORD!” - to the rest, it will be the worst.

God himself is in the center of this “Meltdown”, and it is He who is applying the fire!”

Brother Thomas Watkins

 2012/8/3 6:34

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