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 Chick-fil-A Fans Flock to Buy Chicken, Appreciate Chain's Biblical Stance

If Facebook can be any sort of indicator, it can be surmised that at least a half-a-million people or more plan to participate in Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day by visiting one of the national chain's restaurants today. However, the numbers of people buying a chicken sandwich and waffle fries today could be far greater because of support from influential Christian leaders including evangelist Billy Graham.

Inspired by former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's plea to express solidarity with the restaurant following the fallout over gay marriage, the buildup toward the day included social media chatter of biblical proportions.
"We're simply asking people to eat chicken and not to be one when it's time to take a stand – our appreciation is not only for the views of Dan Cathy, but for his right to have them and express them freely," stated Huckabee on the Facebook page he created for the event.

In the often times bitter online debate, even some Christians are asking, "What's the point of it all?"

"Know what's funny? This act by Chick-fil-A has done nothing but anger the gay community," commented Becky under one of Huckabee's posts. "Aren't we as Christians supposed to be good stewards of the word? Has this reached the gay community in a loving way, or a judgmental way?"

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Chick-fil-A Fans Flock to Buy Chicken, Appreciate Chain's Biblical Stance

I ended up in one of the "eat ins" at a Chick-Filet near St.Louis, quite by accident. Nobody had seen anything quite like it. There was a mob in line to get their chicken, and they were running out of products. When I arrived, all salads were gone and they had yet hours to go.

There were perhaps 150-200 people mobbing the counter, at a Mall, and a line stretching 3 deep for a hundred yards. There was hardly room to move, with the line continuing to grow.

My take was that the left overplayed their hand, and nobody thought that this would grow into what it did; it was clearly the most excited positive protest in St. Louis since the Rams had won the Superbowl 14 years before....and no let up in sight.

The idea with the crowd, very close to a Tea Party center, was that they had , had enough...that if they; [ the radical left] could intimidate a business leader , and run him out of town; for his moral stance, they could do it to anyone, and they were not going to idly stand by anymore.

The crowd had a purpose, and were visibly excited to have their voice heard, and BIG! I was amazed. Obama had overplayed his hand, trying to push this anti-Christian sodomite agenda on working families, and boy, did they show up in St. Louis, all over town.

The Socialist left overplayed their hands again, and this one may cost them dearly at the ballot box, because many had never seen so many riled up to support the right thing, and put their money and their resolve where their money is.

They were hopping mad too, and defiant to Obama land and their surrogates. Rahm Emmanuel, the Mayor of Chicago, tried to get Chick-fil-a banned from city limits, and people came out in droves to say enough! and make a mark in protest while supporting a good cause; Family!

These were mostly white, middle class, and upper middle class, and upward moving professionals....and united in conservative thought....and plentiful. No-one remembers anything quite like it......

 2012/8/1 23:44

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 Re: Chick-fil-A Fans Flock to Buy Chicken, Appreciate Chain's Biblical Stance

QUOTE: ""Know what's funny? This act by Chick-fil-A has done nothing but anger the gay community," commented Becky under one of Huckabee's posts. "Aren't we as Christians supposed to be good stewards of the word? Has this reached the gay community in a loving way, or a judgmental way?"==SERMONINDEX/BECKY

And heaven forbid that anyone would "anger the gay community"! Afterall, we need to bow down to THEM. Yes, bow to them while they force their gay agenda down the throats of school children and the rest of society via the schools, tv, newspapers, and unjust laws. Bow to the Sodomites, stand idle by while they force their way into your homes!

Yes, it's important to be loving and not judgmental, i agree, but to say that Chick-Fil-A should just sit there and do nothin but suck it's thumb while the Sodomites and Christian HATERS try to drive out all vestige of Christianity from this country is well, frankly, cowardly.
What she is really saying is that Chick-Fil-A should remain silent and NOT PREACH AGAINST HOMOSEX, right?

Truth is, the restaurant could welcome gays in (lovingly) and they still would complain against the restaurants Christian principles and beliefs.

 2012/8/2 3:01Profile


I totally agree with you, Trekker.
The Chic-Fil-A Owner said that he was in disagreement with gay marraige - But he clearly stated that he will continue to hire them and serve them as customers regardless of his personal beliefs ..... But that wasn't good enough for the morally depraved liberals that have been teaching children in Elementary School 'how' to have homosexual and other practices in our schools for multiple decades.
The followers of Margaret Sanger and the like - Literally Pushing this agenda in schools, on TV and everywhere that children can see.

This is what those people standing on long lines were protesting - and some of these posts regarding this topic have truly surprised me.
And what if no one cared enough to venture out or was too fearful of the other 'lobby' to do so?
"As it was in the day of Sodom/Lot" but any attempt to slow that down and especially for our children or grandchildren's sake gets posts about the msg in their food, etc. etc. and called "political and like the Tea Party."
I say - No Way is this like the Tea Party nor is it political but about Morality and a Christian's right to have Biblical convictions expressed -- with the Pastors or Journalists that got arrested for even saying the word "homosexual" in many people's minds.

I can't really believe some of the reactions to this, when on other Forums, where half are Christians and half are not - they all See what this was about and participated.

Very saddened at some of the reactions here.

 2012/8/2 9:54


++ I posted this on the other thread about this topic, but felt it also fit here too... ++

OK… I’m on self-imposed hiatus from the forum for an indefinite amount of time, but this Chick-Fil-A thing was monumental and I felt it was appropriate to comment on.

I went and stood in line for an hour at lunch yesterday. It was great! For once I didn’t mind being caught in traffic or standing in a line. I met some wonderful people in line. Someone commented that Christians should have spent an hour in prayer and maybe not in line. Can I ask how anyone here knows for certain that Christians didn’t spend an hour in prayer yesterday for our nation? That was a very haughty and judgmental thing to say about people you’ve never met.

The fact of the matter is that I had a wonderful time fellowshipping with fellow believers in line yesterday. And it was great to see families and friends praying together in line. There were some singing worship songs.

Chick-Fil-A did not stage this event, as was implied by someone’s earlier post. They did not seek this. This started with Mike Huckabee on his FoxNews program. And if you know anything about Chik-Fil-A (I have 2 friends who own a Chik-Fil-A each here locally) the company donates MILLIONS of dollars to Christian organizations, relief ministries and missions. On the local level the private franchise owners also donate a lot of $$ to local ministries and charities.

So while there are some valid points being made about the church, etc … the negativity about this “event” is surprising, and largely based on either ignorance of the facts or from a judgmental spirit, and that ought not to be, brethren. It’s easy to sit in ivory theological towers and look down on the masses and make spiritual declarations about motives and actions of others. It’s also wrong.

What we saw yesterday was the church finally saying “Enough!”

Maybe in some small way the church woke up a little bit. Maybe one eye is open. It’s crusty with sleep dust and she’ll probably hit the snooze a few times… but maybe, just maybe… the church is finally realizing that it’s time to wake up…

We should be praying to that end. For those who criticize yesterday’s event by saying “did those people pray for an hour for revival?” … I ask you the same question: Did you?

Yesterday was a completely POSITIVE sign. There was nothing negative about it. Americans and the church both stood up for the right thing and told the government and the politicians and the sodomites “Enough!”.

If you study the history of war you will find that wars have started over simple things. This is a spiritual war, and it may have just ignited… over a chicken sandwich.


 2012/8/2 10:07

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What one saw yesterday at Chick-fil-A was faith and works in action as described in the book of James. "Faith without works is dead."

I was very gratified to see the response of the American public at this outpouring of support for Chick-fil-A.

Someone else has said this outpouring of support is not just for Chick-fil-A but for other businesses as well who are facing intimidation from the homosexual community.

Another thing about Chick-fil-A that I love is their advertising: they are funny! They do not appeal to the lusts of men to entice people to buy but use humor instead. Some folks could take lessons from them, I think.

Many years ago Focus on the Family's magazine featured Mr. Truett Cathy and I was so impressed with his business ethics, his philosophy of life that I wrote him a letter, or email, saying so. I forgot about it until some time later a lady called from their office asking me for my mailing address, saying they liked my letter and want to send me a gift! A few days later I got a copy of his autobiography. Now that was excellent advertising - we ended up patronizing them more whenever we had a chance.

Sandra Miller

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The weapons of our warfare is not swords & spears...but chicken sandwiches! God sure did multiply the chicken tenders and fed millions yesterday!


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Bill.... dont forget the waffle fries!

Now I need to get back to eating heart healthy...


 2012/8/2 11:17

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