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Thanks, Acts17 and lesmanto

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 Re: Transcribed

From the Paul Washer segement: "Your suffering will not be noble..."

It's one thing to anticipate a glorious martyrdom at the hands of those who are persecuting you because you are a Christian. How noble! We suffer for Christ... with stirring music in the background. (Sorry, Greg, I couldn't resist. :)

What about finding yourself in a situation where there is no stirring background music? What about being falsely accused of being, say, a pedophile, or a fornicator? The early Christians were persecuted because, among other things, the Romans accused these "brothers and sisters" of incestuous acts in their secret "love feasts." And cannibalism-- eating the flesh and drinking the blood of this strange personage "Jesus." They were hard working upstanding citizens, yet considered "enemies of the state," as Washer pointed out.

The cross in Roman days was the ignominious death of a despised criminal. In Christ's case it was absolute injustice-- false accusation, and this at the hands of those who thought they were doing God service.

It's this that is "the death of the cross." Unjust suffering. It's this that Christ endured. He was led as a Lamb to the slaughter, opening not His mouth. He committed His cause to Him that judgeth righteously. We will need to do the same.


Allan Halton

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by ADisciple on 2012/7/31 18:52:13

Greg said, "We need dozens of pastors for each flock of saints so when some are taken away the body can still function properly."

I recall a testimony by a Chinese pastor years ago. He had been imprisoned, and while in prison spent a lot of time worrying about his flock being without a shepherd.

When he got out and returned to them more or less wringing his hands and expecting to find they had been scattered... he was amazed (and humbled, he added)to see they had actually grown both in numbers and in stature!

...They had a Shepherd all along who'd never left them for a minute.



Thank you for sharing this with us I found it so encouraging to me. We do have a Shepherd and HE never does leave us. Amen!!

God Bless

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MaryJane said, "We do have a Shepherd and HE never does leave us."

Yes, that's very encouraging, MaryJane. David a shepherd of Israel taught the people to say (as all true pastors do), "The LORD is my Pastor, I shall not want... Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me..."

Allan Halton

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Very sobering words from a servant of God. Last week these same words were uttered by another servant of God. When brothers, of the caliber of Carl Moeller and Paul Washer, weigh in on this matter. When they say that persecution is coming up on the church in N. America,. Tbeir words are nit to be dismissed lightly. Now are response is yes, God it is true. Persecution is comming. Please instruct me as to what to do.


 2012/8/1 15:52


Again reflecting on Paul Washer's message. He said your mind must be filled with the word of God when they persecute you.. How much time am I giving to listening and reading the word. The average person spends 4 to 6 hours in front if the TV. Not counting the internet Ir video games.

In China, young children and adults will spend six hours or more in the word. That is at night. After working hard all day in ministry or a cottage industry

It makes me wonder are we really ready for persecution. How many of the saints will be standing. Even in this forum when Bible threads are started they die a slow death. Only one I an aware of still continues.
I read on the VOM magazine that the word is important to the persecuted. That is all they have. The word. Yet we seem to think it is not that important. Am I missing something here?

I remember listening to a Keith Daniel sermon where he spoke to a group of young people encouraging them to get into the word. How true should that be for any of us?

I remember reading an account by John MacArthur where he was in England. Someone showed him what was known as a martyrs Bible. It was probably one of Tyndale's forbidden New Testaments. The pages of the Bibke were stained with the tears of the previous saint who read it.
One other thing the pages of the Bible were stained with the blood of that precious saint who read ut. This was meant to be an Insult. But the Bibles called martyrs Bibles weren't highly prized by other saints at the time.

When the fifth seal was broken. The souls who had been slain were found under the altar where they had willingly laid down tbeir lives for Jesus. These were the martyrs, the witnesses. These saints were slain for the word of God and the testimony they had maintained.

Will our Bibles show we have been martyred for Jesus. Will our Bibles testify to our blood being shed in our witness of him. I think God is requiring more of us than merely buying a chicken sandwich. Are we prepared to give it.

Posted by Bearmaster.

 2012/8/2 12:41

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 Re: POWERFUL VIDEO: Coming Persecution To America - Paul Washer

Striking words from Paul. Science and politics are contributing to this. Even the response from the Chick Fila incident has brought out those who would cast out the nets. Bloggers and a few people on my FB page have had their say and are using logic to show how dumb it supposedly was. It doesn't dignify a response in reality. Only shows ignorance while they call us bigots. what a buzz word.


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 Re: More than a sandwhich

I had to go back and listen to this. I bad to be reminded that there is more here than just a chicken sandwich.

Dear Jesus. Awaken us to the urgency of the hour. Guard us from making our bellies our god. May we not be enemies of the cross of Christ. Lord may we be delivered from trinkets and superficiality. Call us to the sufferings of Jesus. In your name. Amen.

 2012/8/3 4:33

 Re: To be reminded

Brothers and sisters you may want to take a look at this video again. As you listen to it. I think some of the things being argued on this forum will pale in comparison against the encroaching darkness coming up on the Bride of Christ in America.

If memory serves our brother, Paul Washer, gave this message which is very prophetic in 2011. Imagine how much darker things have grown.

May God awaken us to the urgency of the hour.

 2016/2/16 6:21

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