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 Eritrean University Lecturer Arrested

From Intercessors Network

Eritrean University Lecturer Arrested

Semere Zaid, described as "not only an Eritrean intellectual but also a brother in Christ," was arrested on February 1, 2005 when he turned himself into police. In his February 7 editorial on ( ), Habtom Yohannes states that the Eritrean government has established a task force specifically to eradicate all "menfesawyan" ("spirituals" - a term often used to describe charismatic Christians) from the country by the end of 2005.
Eritrean citizens are being asked to report any "spirituals" they know. When Zaid returned from studying abroad, he was warned of the danger he faced. However, he wanted to believe the best of his country. When he discovered that the task force was investigating him, he voluntarily went to the police station along with officials from the University of Asmara. The university officials were asked to leave and Zaid was arrested without charges.

In this same editorial, Yoahnnes summarizes a report that he had received that day from Eritrea concerning the plight facing evangelicals in the cities of Asmara, Zagir, Adi Keyih, Dekemhare, Massawa, Assab, Adi Nifas, and Senafee.
Pray for Zaid, his wife and young children. Pray for protection for the many evangelical Christians in prison for their faith in Eritrea, as well as those who are under constant threat.

Compass Direct reported today (February 16) that thirty-one Eritrean Christians, including Zaid, had been jailed over the past ten days. Since the beginning of the year, 187 Christians have been arrested for "illegal" activities.
According to Compass Direct, fourteen members of the Kale Hiwot Church in Adi-Tekelzan were apprehended on February 4 during a Bible study at the home of their pastor. Compass has also documented the arrest and transfer to the Mai-Serwa military camp of a physician identified as Dr. Segid in Keren during the last week of January.
Last Saturday, February 12, fifteen Christian women who had gathered together for prayer were jailed at the police station in Keren. Local authorities reportedly described the evangelical believers as "a threat to national security."

Ron Halverson

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 Re: Eritrean University Lecturer Arrested

Wow, my Intro to Missions Professor had been a missionary to Eritea.

Jeremy Hulsey

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