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hi, like most things in Christ, talking about your role and how you did this or that and what happened is the beginning of your losing your effectiveness because it is not about you. the truh is like a chisle bragging because it was used in the hands of a master to create a piece of art.this is also why there are so few miracles in the public ministry today.jimp

Hi jimp,

This is an interesting statement that you made, given this logic there would be no one that could teach on prayer and fasting because by default, if they did, they would be bragging. This attitude (principal) is from the enemy, it desires to shut down any conversation about prayer and fasting because that spirit knows the effectiveness of it.

No one would accuse Andrew Murray of bragging about his prayer life, yet he wrote some of the most effective books about the subject. George Mueller, David Brainerd, George Whitfield, Hudson Taylor also wrote a lot about the subject, and I personally don't believe that their motive was to brag but to rather testify to others regarding the effectiveness of a red hot prayer life (ie living close to God).

There is such a need right now for prayer and fasting that any talk of it should be WELCOMED by the body. The reason that the Lord gave us the teaching gift is so folks with revelation on a subject can teach us who don't have the same revelation. We need each other, plain and simple... :-)

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Joined: 2010/4/19
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 Re: The life of an intercessor

Hi Lindi,

If you are looking for some insite into intercessory prayer there is a book called "The Azusa Street Revival" by Frank Bartleman that is a good book on the subject. Additionally, David Brainerd's diaries are an excellent resource.

The book by Bartleman is available free online but is hard to read (text is very small) so I ended up buying it from Amazon on my Kindle. Additionally, Brainerd's diaries are available free online as well.

If you run across any good resources, please let me know as well, my email is on the profile page or you can find me on Facebook :-)


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 Re: The life of an intercessor

In the spirit of sharing what the Lord is doing in the lives of His people, i offer my very limited experience.
When I was a first saved, the Lord graciously sent me mentors who happened to be gifted in the ministry of intercession. It was in observing their lives that I began to be drawn towards the same ministry.
What I have been allowed to partake of is mostly 'emergency-type/short-term' burdens not long-term ones.
I have found great joy in being allowed to pray for others and sometimes seeing the fruit of such prayer.


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This was good!

 2012/8/1 23:57


"For HIS Glory"

Praise GOD! LeePadah :)

 2012/8/2 0:58

 Re: The life of an intercessor

Every believer has been called to the ministry of intercession. This is a vital part of our pristly ministry. The difference between those who seem to experience stronger burden in prayer is their faithfulness to the call. When i started taking my intercessory prayers seriously, at first i don't normally feel any burden nor emotion, but as time went on i saw myself crying when praying for certain places or persons. Now this does not happen always, but it doesn't stop me from praying. What matters is a true concern for ur object of prayer

 2012/8/2 3:50

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