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 Questions & Answers - Mighty Intercessors Revealed Secrets For Prayer Ministry

could someone please tell me what you think of this.
It looks very genuine to me.
It is alomst 2 hours long. Please, you must watch the whole thing before you reply.


 2012/7/27 21:53Profile

 Re: Questions & Answers - Mighty Intercessors Revealed Secrets For Prayer Ministry

I've been operating in the gift of intercessory for about 20 years. These presenters are indeed genuine. I appreciated their humility. The only part of the session that was not appropriate was when the woman who "asked" some questions (pink shirt), but used it as an opportunity to preach, exhort, and give a word to the group - twice. To the novice, that appears OK, but when you operate in the gifts, and the moderator specifically gives direction and order for the meeting, you submit to that authority. What she could have done is presented her words to the leaders, and let them do with it as they will, and pray for those in attendance. Yes, God sometimes shakes things up and perhaps they would have invited her to speak to the group afterwards. And we exercise mercy and love for those new to a gifts, which is what all five speakers did.

All I would add is that enemy loves attention. When praying against the spirits of darkness, yes, bind the enemies in Jesus' name, but if you find yourself praying more against the demons than to the Lord for that situation or Christian, you may want to speak to a mentor for guidance.


 2012/7/28 11:19

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