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 Bay of the Holy Spirit

Bay of the Holy Spirit® Newsletter
June,2012 Overseer: Jerry J. Tomecek
Email:[email protected]
Teach them by My Word and My Spirit / Teach them by my Torah and my Ruach Hakkodesh.


The Holy Spirit gave me the mandate, restore the Bay’s name. I knew little about the procedure. The time to do the restoration. The end purpose or the cost associated with the quest.

I knew He chose me to do it. He knew I would achieve what He anointed me to do. I committed my efforts and finances to it.

I began to investigate. Very little opposition initially. It took over ten years to find out the government procedure. There was no support from any politician in Alabama. No surprise there.

The local churches never caught the importance of the name restoration. They have been in singular kingdom building for there individual churches.

The purpose was to restore the Holy Spirits’ name. Provide a Spiritual connection of monumental impact . A few people caught the importance of the name restoration.

God came in the past to make a covenant with His creation. That covenant was fragmented. The Jewish nation split up, due to pride.

One tribe remained. The other eleven tribes were scattered worldwide. God's purpose has always been for a united family.


Jesus, the perfect atonement for man’s sin was refused by the Hebrew nation. Chaos ensued. There were many separate denominations in Judaism and Christianity. Each tried to be in control. Promoting individual concepts, to the extent of going against the Word of God. Using intimidation and incorrect interpretation, and killing people who didn't go along with the religions edicts. All of these activities were foreseen by God . A final step had been planned.


The initial victory was the dedication of the historic sign on June, 14, 2008 . It confirmed the original name “Bay of the Holy Spirit”. Located at the intersection of US 98 and I-10 in Spanish Fort, Alabama.

The " religious " community discounted, and denied the purpose and impact of the Holy Spirit. God has prepared major manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The physical disasters spoken of in Revelation are the agenda to get the attention of those not yet in Christ. The Holy Spirit is one of the major influences during the final days.

The restoration of the Holy Spirits’ name is one of the final preparations for the end day scenario. The name on world maps is the final step.

Continuing effort is being expended to gain acceptance of the name restoration. The spiritual community is solicited to participate in writing letters and providing financial support.

As this agenda is continued, more diverse activities will be done on the Bay. A final revival will be the harbinger of the return of Jesus.

The desire for REVIVAL is so strong. Many are attempting to bring the final revival. The circumstance
is ; unless the Holy Spirit orchestrates the revival will fail.
Look up , your redemption draws nigh.
Pray for the Shalom of Jerusalem

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