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please help have been trying to find out what time the conference calls are in UK without much luck ! Can you help? I know we are hours ahead over here but can't get precise time! Would be grateful if you can give specific date and time for those in UK!



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 2012/7/28 19:44


Hi Lindi,

My smart phone says you are 6 hours ahead of me. The calls are 8pm on Sunday eve. That would place them 2am on Monday mornings for you in the U K. The calls will continue through Sept. 30, that would be Oct. 1 for you.

The number with int code to call in on from U K is 44.0.784.843.2913.
Access code is 109083#. Please be aware you will be paying int long distance rates. Perhaps there is a way for you to Skype in.

Lindi I pray this helps you. Hope you can join our calls. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]


 2012/7/28 19:46

 Re: Orayer call tonight

It was said on the eve of the Bolshevik revolution, the Russian Orthodox church was debating, How Many Angels Could Dance on the Head of a Pin. All this time the poison of communism was being sown. Persecution came upon the church in Russia. Yet in their ranks the Orthodox said we will not be persecuted. How wrong they were when the blood of martyrs flowed across mother Russia.

I do not know if the story is true. But it tells a good parable. Sure we may not debate the absurb question of how many angels dance on the head of a pin. But even in this forum we get caught up in our own intellectual debates oblivious to the storm gathering at front door. Already some are saying the SI conference is over board in the persecution theme. Some even say persecution will never come to America. After all we are the red, white, and blue.

Saints, most nations such as China and Vietnam, Germany of WWII They thought persecution would nit come. But it did. And they were caught unawares. They did not pray.

There is a prayer call that needs to hear your voice. Your prayers. You have the invite of God himself to come and pray. You may participate kn this call. This is not a show but participatory prayer. All are welcome. All you need to do is except his invite to come and pray.

Saints let us not be asleep as the Russian church was. But let us be awake and pray.

Call Info at beginning if thread.


 2012/7/29 10:50

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Looking forward to the call tonight.

Call is 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST. U S callers please call in on 209.255.1000. Canadian callers please call in on 559.670.1000. Access code is 109083#.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Saints hope you join us on.prayer call tonight. Call info posted in previous post.


 2012/7/29 16:03


Lord willing, Steve Gallagher will open our call in prayer tonight. His schedule will not allow him to share any thoughts. Just to pray the first prayer then quietly slip off.

You nay want to listen to Persecution and the Cross by Steve Gallagher. It is a short 10 minute auddio blurb about the upcoming Sermon Index conference. Steve will be speaking on apostacy in the end times. I would commend his message on The Great Apostacy. Very sobering. Only 45 minutes long.


 2012/7/29 18:00

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