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 Announcing Sermon Index Prayer Call Sunday July 29

Saints this Sunday will be the 4th prayer call to cover the upcominng Sermon Index conference in prayer. Please come and pray.

Call is 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST. U S callers please call in on 209.255.1000. Canadian callers please call in on 559.670.1000. Access code is 109083#.

Please join in prayer this Sunday as you are led.


 2012/7/26 10:37

 Re: Announcing Sermon Index Prayer Call Sunday July 29

Saints, Lord willing Steve Gallagher will lead us in prayer this coming Sunday on our prayer call. In a recent email to me he said this upcoming conference will be what God wants it to be when we pray. And I agree with him.

Hardly a day goes by when something is not posted on the board that reminds us of the urgency of the hour we live in. Dear saints persecution will soon be up on us and we are not ready. Indeed the church is not ready. As such we so need to pray the upcoming conference will awaken the church in N. America.

Brothers and sisters, I am not trying to be dramatic when I say this SI conference and the simalcast venues could be the most strategic in the country. God has put it into the heart of Greg and other brothers to speak on this topic of persecution. This is not a popular or glamorous topic. But one, so critical, the church needs to hear. As far as I know this is the only conference that will dare to address this topic.

But saints we must cover this conference in prayer. Prayer will be the key that will make or break this conference. I am speaking to you from my heart. Iam asking you to please come and stand this watch with me. I will stand it alone if I must. But there is greater power in numbers.

For those who have been on the calls thank you so much. For those who have yet to join, please come and pray. For the hour uis urgent.


 2012/7/26 14:33


Saints asking you please join our Sunday night con call for prayer. This call will cover the upcoming Sermon Index conference in prayer. We will be praying for God to awaken the American church to persecution that is coming.

Call info at beginning of thread.


 2012/7/26 19:30


Putting Sunday call back on board. Call info at beginning if thread.

 2012/7/27 8:17


Saints just got confirmation Steve Gallagher will lead us in prayer this Sunday. Please join our call if you are able. Call info at beginning if this thread.


 2012/7/27 13:41

 Re: Announcing Sermon Index Prayer Call Sunday July 29

Are these calls recorded, Bearmaster?

 2012/7/27 13:55

 Re: JiG

Ann the calls are recorded. I will post those numbers on a different thread.


 2012/7/28 8:49

 Re: Prayer call tomirrow.

Saints Brother Andrew has said that prayer is not preparation for the battle but prayer is the battle. Prayer is one of our spiritual weapons by which we bring the victory of Christ over the evil one. Combined with the word we have a powerful weapon that put the devil and demons to flight.

History has shown that eternal destinies of nations have been shaped through prayer. This was certainly true through Reece Howell as his team prayed through the dark days of WWII. Their prayers protected England from the Nazi invasion the British though would surely come.

Saints we believe the church in America is destined for some rough turbulance in the days ahead. The watchmen have sounded a warning for the church to wake up. Judgement stands knocking at the door. Persecution is at hand. Yet the bride keeps hitting the snooze alarm.

Saints, those who stand on the wall. There is a con call that needs to hear your voice. God needs to hear your heart cries for this strategic. conference. Also God needs to hear our cries for the N. American church to wake up. She needs to wake up to the reality of persecution coming up on her

I invite you to come and be with Steve Gallagher as he leads us in prayer tomorrow night. Then call out to God in your own prayers to him for to awaken the church.  To cover the SI conference in prayer.

Time of call is 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7 pm MST, 6pm PST. U S callers please use 209.255.1000 to call in on. Canadian callers please use
559.670.1000 to call in on. Access code for both calls is 109083#.

Hear you on the wall.


 2012/7/28 9:19

 Re: The Need to Pray

I am always struck by the simplicity of scripture. I was listening to Luke 21 yesterday. In listening to the Bible sometime verses will jump out at you that you may have read several times but never resonated in your spirit. Such was the case with Luke 21:36.

In this verse Jesus tells his disciples to be always on the watch and pray. This command and exhortation are given in the context of Jesus describing the events of the last days. And such we may very well be in.

Saints the final hour may very well be upon us. Please join the con call tomorrow evening. Let us uphold the SI conference in prayer. Let us pray that the church in America in its final hour enter into its finest hour.

Call info below and at start of this thread.


 2012/7/28 12:00



 2012/7/28 14:10

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