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 Persecution ?

Doesnt the Word say,'that all that live Godly,in this world,shall suffer
persecution' ? from the time we exchanged our life for His Life,......
Then persecution really starts then.

Arn't we in a battle field,..Satan and all his angels / demons come after us with a full force,to kill, still,destroy, soon as we turn to the Lord ?

But at the same time,if we abide IN Him, cleave to the Lord, Isn't He working a far greater work in us ?

,....the FRUITS of His Spirit,..Love,joy,long suffering,gentleness, forth and so on.,....His image !

( 2Cor.4:17)....really all of chapters 4 and 5 ,

But we can draw back,...( Heb.10:38-39),if we don't want hurt,..suffer. Doesn't it take a death to have a resurrection in our lives ?

We may come into heavier persecution later,...but what about ,...the persecution now that will help to prepare us for the next ,...maybe harder
persecution that is comming ?

*David,...before he killed Galiuth,...the bear and the lion came out of the woods.
* Paul,...was persecuted much before he excepted death.
* Jesus
* and consider many, many more,..who chose to suffer.

only in Him and for His Great Names sake,

Loving you,

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 Re: Persecussion ?

The correct spelling is Goliath.

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Great points to consider. Thanks for sharing.
Trekker...hmmm..what can I say. Stop and listen to the still small voice.

 2012/7/26 1:11

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 Re: Persecution ?

As an aside, if all we did was concentrate on spelling we wouldn't get very far.

Yes, the word of God does tell us in 2 Timothy 3:12 that all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.

It says, will suffer, not might, or perhaps, but will.

Whether or not, we turn to the Lord, know this, satan is after us, but more so, if we are being faithful to God.

Notice also in 2 Tim that it says all who desire. So even that desire to live godly will cause us to be persecuted.

And we certainly need God to be at work in us. We need Him for our very breath, our lives depend on Him.

Thanks for the thoughts.

God bless.

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