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I am interested in the study and History of the Waldenses and other early splinter groups, does anyone know of any good books or resources that they could recommend for my study??

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 Re: Waldenses

The pilgrim church by Broadbent.

This book looks at many of the movements thru
history, outside the mainline and Roman churches.
Recomended reading.

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I just read a book that talks about the Waldenses and other splinter groups.

The book is called "The Kingdom that Turned the World Upside Down" by David Bercot. It's available on Kindle for around $5 or you can check it out from the Amazon library. Originally, I checked it out and read the whole thing and then I decided to buy it.

The book is about 'The Kingdom" but has a rich history of all of the groups that were 'Kingdom Christians'. It's probably the best Christian book that I've ever read.

Much peace!

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I second Pilgrim Church as one great definite resource, also the Foxes Book of Martyrs has a section on them:

Though its from Ellen G. White founder of Seventh Day Aventism which is full of doctrinal errors here is a good article by her on this group except for some claims that they kept the saturday sabbath etc:

a good explanation of this is here from a Waldenese minister:

June 21, 2006

Dear Brother Andras,

My name is Thomas Soggin, a Waldensian Minister in Bergamo (North Italy), in charge - by our Board, the Tavola Valdese - to answer to your letter.

If you are interested in the Waldensian Churches in Italy (North, Center, and South Italy) and in Uruguay and Argentina, in past and present you can look in the site of our Publishing House: Claudiana (Torino), and email. You can try also to find and study the following book: Giorgio Tourn, You are my witnesses – The Waldensians across 800 years, Claudiana Editor 1989 - Distributed in North America by P.O. Box 37844 - CINCINNATI,OH 45222 (USA).

In their 350 years before the Reformation their real problem was baptism - the link between baptism and Roman Catholic constantinianism, not the problem of baptism (by immersion or with sprinkling), neither the problem of Sabbath instead of Sunday.

In a well-supplied library you can try to find the following books:

1) Jean Gonnet - Amedeo Molnar, Les vaudois au moyen age, Claudiana, Torino 1974 (French): In the XV century all the Waldensians (France, Italy: Piedmont, Calabria) where united with the Hussite movement: the Taborites Czechs (c/o Jan Hus! In that time there are also some Waldensians documents on baptism: pp., 434-437).

2) Amedeo Molnar, Storia dei valdesi/1, Dalle origini all’adesione alla Riforma, Claudiana, Torino 1974 (Italian). (They did not have interest in baptism as St. Paul wrote in I Cor.1,17): p. 274).

3) Carlo Papini, Valdo di Lione e i «poveri nello spirito», Claudiana, Torino, 2001.

They were called: Mater Reformationis (=Mother of the Reformation) when they were before, as you know, during the Middle Ages a movement, but NOT a Church. After the Synod of Chanforan in Angrogne (1532) and later on, the Waldensians become a Reformed Presbyterian Church, as in Geneva. They adopted the Huguenot Reformed Confession of faith, of the so called Synod “De la Rochelle” of 1559 (but it was really the Paris Synod, their first Huguenot General Assembly).

But in 1655 the Waldensian Churches had its own Confession of Faith, hurriedly drafted in Italian immediately after the massacre of the Waldenses, called “Piedmonts Easters” (See Milton’s Avange o Lord…!. This confession of faith was simply a shortened version in Italian of the Huguenot Confession of faith of 1559: it confirmed that theologycally the Waldenses were in the mainstream of Presbyterian Calvinism. It is still the basis of nowadays Waldensian beliefs, which the Candidates have to undersign in front of the General Assembly before becoming ordained as Ministers (VDM) in our churches (without any kind of Anabaptism, or Sabbath instead of Sunday!).

Therefore, the Waldensians did not keep the Sabbath (in the sense of Saturday instead of Sunday) and were not guardians of the "Sabbath Truth” as somebody calls it. The Waldensians never followed the Seventh-day Adventist’s Sabbath but they followed more Paul in Romans 14,5-8.

We can therefore say very clearly that the Waldensians were not Seventh-day Sabbath keepers and they were not persecuted for keeping Saturday as the Sabbath! Thy were persecuted, [from 1532 (when they joined the Reformation - Angrogna Synod) to 1848 (when they received religious freedom)], because of their Reformed-Calvinistic faith in Christ.

With my best regards, yours, Thomas Soggin


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 Re: TomfromOZ

thankyou TomfromOZ I acctually have "The pilgrim church by Broadbent." While listing to Bro Denny Kenaston give his personal testamony he mentioned that he had heard Lenord Ravenhill say it was the best book on Church History, Denny than read it and said what an impact it had on him, after hearing that, I bought it
Thanks though I would also recommend it to anyone whom has not read it.

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 Re: learjet

Hi Learjet I have acctually also read "The Kingdom that Turned the World Upside Down" by David Bercot. "

As well, I would highly recommend this book to anyone whom has not read it.


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" The Torch of the Testimony " by John W Kennedy is a book about Christian groups who remained outside fomalized religion down through the ages including the Waldeneses.


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 Re: SteveHale

Hi SteveHale,
Hey thanks, I will look into that, it is one I never heard of before.

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 Re: SteveHale

Hi SteveHale,
I finally got the book " The Torch of the Testimony " by John W Kennedy.
Thanks it was an excelant recommendation.

If anyone else has any other recommendations, please let me know.

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