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 Positively Spinning Denominationalism

Here is a great ditty from one of my all time favorite books that gives a humorously historic angle to various denominations.

In the old western frontier days many ministers employed a sense of humor with a practical slant. One applying for lodging at a tavern was addressed by the landlord: "Stranger, I perceive you are a minister. Please let me know if you are a Presbyterian or a Methodist".

"Why do you ask?" responded the preacher.

"Because I wish to please my guests, and I have observed that a Presbyterian minister is very particular about his own food and bed, and a Methodist about the feed and care of his horse ."

"Very well", replied the minister. "I am a Presbyterian, but my horse is a Methodist."

From Bible In Pocket, Gun In Hand. The Story Of Frontier Religion by Ross Phares.


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