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God killed the first born which resulted in the delieverance of the Jews. I have a gun but I do not live by it.

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 Re: Guns


I believe you are trying to post to this thread:

Should A Christian Own A Gun?

In the future press the REPLY button to post a reply to a specific thread. As towards this topic our Lord Jesus Christ was very clear to show that we should treat our enemies with love not agression. Jesus set an example that our kingdom is not of this earth so we should not use weapons of this earth to retaliate. Paul the apostle sates that our weapons are not carnal but spiritual. Prayer, Preaching and the Power of the Spirit our are weapons. Our battle is not against flesh and blood. All the apostles died martyr deaths and did not use weapons to retaliate in anyway.

We must look to these examples and not use force against our enemies. Millions of Christians died martyrs deaths and did not fight, though they could have. May God minister these truths to many in our day afresh so we will be strong in the Lord and not in our own power.

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