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praying for you brother

 2012/9/14 20:40Profile

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Alberta, Canada


You'll be in my heart and prayers, Tom.

Be led by peace; let the peace of God preside over your decision making.


Allan Halton

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God bless you, Tom.

I hardly know how to word what I want to say...I just know if the LORD is calling you to go and you refuse, you will indeed end up in the whale of a belly, er, excuse me - the belly of a whale! :-/ Even if God is calling you to go it does not mean you will leave Eritrea alive, or that you will not be imprisoned or persecuted. If this does happen you will have to know this is all in God's plan, that it did not take Him by surprise. In the meantime, I hope you are getting all your affairs in order at your home should you never return.

A word of encouragement, perhaps. We have a friend who is serving the LORD at a Christian University in one of the most restrictive nations in the world. (Yes, you read that right.) He has been there for a couple years now and the LORD has kept him safe. Opportunities for witnessing have been extremely limited, but he believes this is where God wants him and so there he serves. Fruit belongs to God anyways, so all one has to be concerned about is faithfulness/obedience.

We regard Eritrea as extremely oppressive because it is true. But we do not know whether the USA could fall into that category at some time in the near future. Staying here is no guarantee you will escape persecution. Simple but true.

God bless you, Tom. Just stay true regardless what happens [EDIT} and we will pray for you.

Sandra Miller

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 Re: Eritrea Call.


I fullheartedly want you to go as long as you feel the leading of the Spirit in that direction.

If I were you, I would ask the moderators to remove this thread before you travel. It puts you and your family in immediate unnecessary danger. It is loaded with personal information and is viewable to anyone who searches your name. Seek prayer support and community about this subject in private circles. You may forfiet the opportunity God has given you.

May His angels guard you steps.


 2012/9/15 16:17Profile

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"If I were you, I would ask the moderators to remove this thread before you travel."

I agree.


Sandra Miller

 2012/9/15 20:53Profile

 Pray for me and our family in Eritrea.

"If I were you, I would ask the moderators to remove this thread before you travel."

Those enlisted in intercession and prayer for me, and the remnant church imprisoned there, is far more important to me than the knowledge of the powers that I am coming, or that I am there.

God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, and a sound mind. I will not die there, and may be used there; even if it means imprisonment. I am not looking to either, particularly, but am going in obedience to His call, and remember James...He was martyred.......but the church woke up, and remember Peter; angels and deliverance came...because...the church prayed.

This dictator needs to find Jesus, one way or another, in grace or in wrath, and 10 years in a Hell-Hole is enough for thousands of victims jailed there. We know that many of them are brothers and sisters, just like you and me. How would you fell if your daughter was chained there...for years on end?

I would be outraged, and would be bringing my petition to God day and night for mercy upon her, and deliverance.

This must be our attitude, at least in prayer. I had to send my bank statement there to get my visa...and a detailed itinerary. They are very aware of my arrival in Asmara. Perhaps I will be hidden....perhaps I will be sent to minister to one 10 year old child.

What use am I though, if I do not confess Christ and Him crucified to a dying, murderous world? This is why I am being sent, not my own well being, though I also do not want to be foolish, and provoke the law of the land..[ be it tyranny or a Republic..].

I am requesting intercessors and prayer....that I would be delivered from violent and unreasonable men, yes, but that Christ Jesus' will be done, and I please Him, and that the saints there find grace and freedom.. This is a one way or another kind of thing.

 2012/9/16 5:35

 Re: Pray for me and our family in Eritrea.

The Human ground of it all.

Human rights groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have documented serious violations of the right to freedom of religion. They report disruption of private worship, mass arrests of participants at religious weddings, prayer meetings, and other gatherings.

In 2004 the U.S. Secretary of State designated Eritrea as a Country of Particular Concern (CPC) under the International Religious Freedom Act for particularly severe violations of religious freedom.

Eritrea currently ranks among the top Christian persecuting countries. Different sources estimate more than 2,000 members of unregistered minority religions, including Pentecostal and evangelical denominations are indefinitely held in incommunicado detention without charge or trial.

The Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Abune Antonios, was arrested early 2006 and remains in secret detention, reportedly for criticizing government intervention in church affairs and the detention of three Orthodox priests.

However, the government denies all accusations of religious persecution and continues to support its statement issued in May 2003 that "no groups or persons are persecuted in Eritrea for their beliefs or religion."
[ wiki]

 2012/9/16 9:37

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University of Calabar Nigeria


I've taken time to read thru the Thread Brother Tom and its sad I find it dificult to properly express how I feel in plain simple English.

The first regret I have is my failure to sign the online Petition to get the Govt of Eritrea to release our Brethren.

Whereas am not aware how effective these online Signature Protests are,I still feel its rather its rather too cheap an effort to offer for my Brothers in need.

I feel ashamed to offer only a signature. Why should I offer for those Precious people what costs me nothing?

This Thread has also opened my eyes to more grim pictures of happenings across our border right here on the African soil. Wish I'd been faithful in praying for them.

Was also touched when I read that people escape Eritrea into Sudan. I've always dreaded Sudan and her regime.

A lot of our people have asked you to take precautionary measures as you go while some had tried to dissuade you.

Am not informed enough to give an Expert travel advice. Can only refer you to The Lord who gave an Expert Travel Advice to Prophet Samuel when He asked him to tell the people of Bethlehem he'd come to sacrifice to The Lord.Whereas he was on an undercover mission to annoint the young David.

Its also cheaper for me to escape with another promise to go on praying for you. Have said that sometimes and it only ended as a mere mental assent only calculated to encourage. But this time, I'd Pray for you.

I'd try my best and wait on the Lord on 25 Sept. Let it be that someone at d Heart of Africa praparing d ground for your arrival.

Bear in mind also that Paul may plant,Apollos may water but in the end, only God gives the increase.

We'll miss you also as you go incommunicado. Guess we'll hear from you again when you get to South Africa.

You may need to be as wise as a serpent now since you're already as harmless as Dove.

God's richest Blessings Sir!

Emeka Joe Uzosike

 2012/9/16 16:31Profile

 Re: Big world; one body. Love....Tom

Endless Joe....You touch me with your humility, and transparent nakedness. I understand the petition that you were referring to. A Bishop from Africa recently submitted an online petition for the Eritrean dictator to stop; and "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"...which many signed.

I arrive in Eritrea on the 26th of Sept., and stay for 25 days...and then on to S. Africa near the Cape; Capetown....and from there, hopefully to the bush, where the desperate poor live.

I might have time to travel to the interior, God willing, and I leave my E-mail to you to contact me; As I may visit....We are all failures in a certain light. Everything we do in ourselves, no matter how noble, yet may tainted by the evil nature shining between our breast.....

Jesus is still or write....Tom
[email protected]
Contact me. we will go from there....Tom

 2012/9/17 23:54

 FIVE MORE DAYS...Thank you all.

I'm leaving very soon.....


I am going to the poor.

I sought the Lord and He heard my cry. I was planning to go in the Spring or Early summer.....He gave me two significant dreams..........One in an airport/meeting place among ALL black people...I was wandering about when I heard my name called. Then, some black men told me to go to an interview; it was required of me.

I had no idea for what, but I went, a little bewildered. I sat alone at a table, and in front of me was a four man team of black men asking me about the Bible and spiritual things, and after a while, I was told to leave. I mingled a while, and again, I was told to return ; they had made a decision. I did not know what decision.

One man sat there now, apparently the leader. There were hundreds of people in the audience. "We have carefully looked at everyone,"...he said; "And we have chosen you!!".....He looked at me like I was supposed to be impressed....but I was not. I did not know what I was chosen for. He then got up and left, and so did I. He seemed a little frustrated that I was not enthusiastic.

Two black men then came to me and said; "Come with us. We will get your papers." I followed them through crowds of again, black faces, and came to a desk with other black men. There they asked for my papers, and they complied, and mentioned a slang name like "bass"...."the bass." They handed me papers, and I heard them say something like " take the ambassador to his station". I looked down and I saw a "Certificate of an Ambassador" written on the top, and as I read, I saw my name, and a date "September".

I was then somewhat proud. "I am an ambassador!" ; I thought.
I also saw the name Eritrea, which has an association with Africa. The two men then began to lead me winding around the station to catch transportation to my country station, and then non-chalantly abandoned me. I was left alone, waiting. The dream ended.....................................................

Implications and thoughts. I am beginning to feel so free from ideas about ministry. Jesus was never bound with such stifle. The singular soul alone and wandering was as important as the multitudes. He travelled with much opposition across the Sea of Gallilee to rescue one unknown demon possessed wretch...who we will one day meet, by the way; The Gadarene demoniac, and the prostitute Mary, and the woman with the flow, and the centurian and on and on.

People mattered to Him, and love and rivers of life healed all. I am His ambassador, and my trip to Africa will be in this vein.

Then I plan to visit South Africa. I will preach Christ Crucified the only hope of Glory, along with Christ IN YOU the hope of Glory. These are my intentions. No one is left out, the 10 year old slave girl is as important as the governor. I, with incapability, just want to love.

As Jesus visited Simon the Leper on the eve of His last supper and capture; I want this heart for the least. Jesus passed up honoring Peter or James or John, or any of His known disciples; His mother, His brothers, or His loyal supporters; everyone mentioned in the Bible we may expect that He would honor. His last night in any unknown former leper...maybe the one of the ten that returned just to say thank-you, and to worship his discovered God who came to him in his darkest need.

None will ever measure up, but we can Go!, as we are commissioned. At 62, with several Gospel mission trips to China, multiple to India, Israel and England, I feel that I am that now; All the pressure to perform is gone, and I am bolder than ever; weirdly confident inside that I carry Christ.

I am now preparing; Passport updates, visa's, plane tickets, and most of all; my heart. I am leaving in early September.

I am sending this letter to a young family man who feels led to sow into this ministry in a specific way. I have always travelled alone, and I think I always will...but I must follow Him alone. There may be others though, with a heart but without the means to Go!...and I am communicating now with some.

I can say with a clean conscious that I have never, not once, begged for money or solicited one soul for a penny, or received one offering and not sown it back into the mission for the poor. I have went on my own expense, and will keep it that way...but I will receive offerings as they are given in faith, Lucy. It does seem expensive, as I must stay in Hotels and eat out, and must also give to any interpreters that I would preach with.

"For it pleased those from Macedonia and Achaia to make a certain contribution for the poor among the saints who are in Jerusalem.

It pleased them indeed, and they are their debtors. For if the Gentiles have been partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is also to minister to them in material things.

Therefore, when I have performed this and have sealed to them this fruit, I shall go by way of you to Spain. "..Paul

So; for those of you who are LED by God to give;
Tom Watkins
P. O. 122
Benton, Illinois

I have a steward here in the states that will deposit any gifts while I am gone, and forward any news.

Also; ..we can talk. [ for now ] 618-200-0871

100% of any gifts will be acknowledged, and used for the purpose given; the Gospel. I owe no bills.....I own a 17 year old Taurus Ford with 222,000 miles on it, my own home I bought for $12,000 and nicely remodeled. I do not need money.

I am not a professional nor am I hired. I am a brother first to His Body and my family, but try to be a good son to my Father above all. In this I fail, but I live on His Mercy. My favorite scripture is; "It is not he who runs or he who wills, but God who shows mercy."

You may parouse my prophecies if you want at
...and I am on Facebook: that paragon of the persona! Veracity defined as MY FACE and my trumpet!....sorry about that...but there is more phoniness on the internet than there is in the religious church, I think.


I have encountered real demonic; even Satanic oppostion a lot........I won't get into it now...but I covet your prayers. I am going to the land of Oz where witches rule and rein, and they are going to try to destroy me with the Satanic Princes over them who empower them....and add to that...what is the use of going without power? I have none within myself.

My flesh must die, the World rises...and the devil rages...but hopefully, God will use me to rescue a few and wash some feet in His purposes. I will perish without mercy and grace .Please pray for these for me...

Sincere.....Tom Watkins.

[ The second dream I will share was more about the body, and where we are....emerging from death...the sign of the prophet Jonah. ]


Flying out Sept. 25th, Returning December 4th...............2012

Without prayer, I feel like I could die.....but know fighting fear as I stand in hope. I do have God's word for me.

Love you all...and we will meet soon.

 2012/9/19 12:04

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