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 Re: Should A Christian Own A Gun?

Blaine asked:
Ummm, I have a question for you: should a Christian own a gun?

I personally don't own a gun but haven't Christians owned guns for thousands of years, so what would make a difference about today or not. A sidebar: I believe in anyone who wants to own a gun should be allowed to own one or two or three. If everyone were allowed to carry a gun, that man in the movie theater (or the McDonalds) might have killed one or two before three or four people shot him. Just saying.

About Christians owning guns, for me a major difference is, where do we put our trust... in the gun or in Him?

When I was 19, I moved into my first apartment and one night about 3 am, I was sound asleep and the Holy Spirit woke me up praying in tongues as I raised straight up from my waist and spoke in tongues with authority LOUDLY for (seemed like 5 min) probably 30 sec to a min. And he stopped and I heard voices outside my bedroom window and then footsteps running. I jumped up and ran to the living room window and looked out and I saw a car flying down the street, chirping the tires!

I don't know if God gave them ability to understand what was said or not but I know they literally ran away!! "The wicked flee when no man pursues" (Prov 28.1) Amen Thank you Jesus! I've always "known" that He is my protector and I don't need a gun to protect me! He did a fine job that night and many other nights!!

God bless you, Blaine


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 Re: Should A Christian Own A Gun?

Guns, knives, bows and arrows, axes, chainsaws, and SUVs are all amoral.

No sin in owning them unless the Spirit of God has told you not to.

Remember, you walk by the Spirit and anything the Spirit of God tells you is wrong, is wrong. "All those that are led by the Spirit of God, are the sons of God".

Only He knows the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Depending on the thoughts and intents of the heart, I would surmise that God allows some to have guns and some he does not want to have guns.

God's personal leading and will for us is interesting, isn't it? We are not all led in the same way.

With that said, I don't believe He leads His children to kill. Jesus taught non-resistance (Luke 6:29 is a hard one for people to swallow).

I know Christians who live by hunting game and who also live in dangerous regions (dangerous animals). Banging on a drum would not help defend them.

Then there are others caught up with fear thinking a gun will be their security.

Of course, this incident will be used to bolster the proposed ban on guns, as usual. Crime in the UK increased when they were banned. Crime in Australia has increased, too. The proposed ban on guns is not to decrease crime, then, is it? It is so the government can control the good people and not have to worry that they would rise up and defend themselves when their "freedoms" are taken away or a despot takes over the highest office in the land. This is how I understand this nation's 2nd amendment. Liberal thinking is very naive. Even Christians know we live in an evil world and the only way to change men's hearts is through Jesus Christ and not legislation. Laws are just meant to keep wickedness at bay, but what happens when those laws aid wickedness?


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Could this be a result of a basic violation of Gods word or is it simply just the most violent country?

Not sure dear brother. Power and authority has changed hands so many times since the text was penned it wuld take a lifetime to map it all our for every country. I just know what the text says and it is a sobering warning. There are others that go along with it to balance it. I don't have the authority to dismiss the passage, so I take the approach that we should honor the people that are in authority at the moment. Rome was a very violent society, especially with Nero at the helm. They even ruled southern England at one time, but as I recall could not defeat the good Scottish folks so they built a wall instead. :-) So I figure that if a Roman soldier qualified as 'the Lord's ministers' and they had a ruthless reputation, I don't really need to look farther than that. His sword was designed to kill with proficiency. So I see the gun as a sword and if they develop laser guns I'll reckon them as the same thing I suppose. Just some thoughts.

Robert Wurtz II

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When it comes to gun ownership, I do not own one. I do know hunters who hunt for food and are quite successful at it. My grandfather had a farm. When we visited him, he would often serve us food that he has shot and killed (either from hunts or from his farm). I remember that my aunt once told me that it had been years since they had purchased food at the grocery store.

Since I purchase my meat at restaurants and the grocery store, I don't feel a need to own a rifle.

I also know members of the police who own weapons. Those weapons are not used to "murder" individuals, but to keep the peace and prevent violent men from carrying out violent acts. Military men sometimes carry a gun too. As brother Robert shared, this is a scriptural precept. In addition, the New Testament speaks of secular authorities who are instruments of punishment for evildoers. In fact, Paul, when standing before King Festus, mentioned that he would not refuse to die if he had broken the secular law in a way that carried the death penalty (Acts 25:11).

As for the American nation: The Declaration of Independence makes it clear the intent of the founders of the nation in 1776. They believed that certain anecdotal actions demonstrated that it was necessary to dissolve the political bonds between the colonies and the nation from which they had once been tied (England). The colonists believed that they had, by virtue of self-governance and the lack of proper representation in England, achieved a "separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and nature's God entitle them."

Thus, the colonists didn't see their independence as "rebellion" but as defending their "independence" and solidifying the separation from former bonds on the basis of the state of the colonies at the time and the ideas that were not shared with England and its rulers. In fact, most colonists declared the subsequent "war" that existed between the United States and England as the "War of Independence" rather than a "Revolutionary War."

In the Declaration and subsequent state documents (the governments of the states remained the same before, during and immediately after the war), the colonists and their leaders were adamant that the states were "separate and equal" stations. Thus, they held an army to protect and preserve that status.

The gun violence in this country is troubling. However, when just the size of the population and the number of shootings per 100,000 is compared, the rate of shootings/deaths in the US is similar to many other nations. And, when you consider the availability of guns in this country and compare it with other nations with similar availability (guns per 100,000), the rate of shootings in the United States is actually relatively low-to-average. It is still too high...and I think that steps can be taken to lower it even further.

I don't mean for this thread to get sidetracked by this, but I simply wanted to touch on something from a previous post.

Like Robert and others have said, there are legitimate reasons to own a gun (like hunting), so I would answer the original poster that it is acceptable for a Christian to own one. However, I agree with DEADn about the need to safeguard and understand it.


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Not sure why people are ignoring the scenario you raise in your last post.

I can tell you what I would do, and it wouldn't end well for the thugs.

And I know another thing-- Jesus would be perfectly okay with that.

If some thug went after Mary, would Jesus have just sat by and watched? I cannot imagine that- at all.


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Lock and load for Jesus. Something just does not seem right. I remind the forum again that he said. The one who draws the sword will die by the sword.


 2012/7/22 8:16

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If I recall, in Scripture, swords were only used for personal protection and in combat like in war.

Bows and arrows were used in hunting and war.

The early Anabaptists did not believe in sport hunting. Am not sure why, anymore, but find this interesting. The American bison would not have faced extinction if all men would have embraced this principle.

Scripture does not prohibit the hunting of animals for food, neither does it prohibit fishing, either. So then, the implication is that it allows man to use whatever means necessary to acquire it. In so do I would believe one should not be wasteful, like in killing for the sport of it.

It is the evil in the heart of man that will resort to whatever tool is at hand to kill whoever displeases him/her. Guns kill, but so do cars, knives, bats, hands, fists.....

Sandra Miller

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With your hypothetical story, I don't see why all Christians don't run out and buy an arsenal and turn their homes into barricaded fortresses. Why do you think the Spirit of God is not leading His children to do this?

Listen to this when you get a chance and see what God did and still can do.

Kidnapped from a Kmart parking lot, Margy Mayfield spent the next 10 hours with a violent and dangerous criminal. Stephan Morin had never known anything but driving hatred, until he experienced the love of Christ. What happened on their journey is nothing short of miraculous!


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De-clawing the cat does not protect it from the pit bull. It is only because the cat has claws that the pit bull is less apt to molest the cat.
Disarming the general public only ensures the safety of the criminal.


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Should a Christian own a gun?

Should a Christian own a bottle of Drano?

Should a Christian own a steak knife?

Should a Christian own an SUV?

Should a Christian walk in the Spirit?


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