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 Another answer to Prayer!

The weather was announced at work....4-6 inches of snow is coming tomorrow (wednesday). I thought....Lord...I need to sister needs to move her stuff before she looses it tomorrow....need to pray for a path. Took a moment to pray....asked the Lord to give the rain and/or snow so the farmers will have what is needed for spring...but need a path to where the Uhaul needs to go.
Woke up at 2 A.M. ....feed the baby parrots and take time to pray (Prayer of the Upright is God's Delight!!). Prayed again since there is snow a falling. Went back to bed joyful.

Got up after the snow fall was predicted to end. Looked outside and took a moment to talk with God! Very little snow....beautiful looking out. Lots of rain and finished it with some snow. Path for moving is Great!!!

Nothing so small...nothing so great....!!!!

Now on my way out....I shall first drop my tithing check off for 2 weeks....all 10% of it like God commands us! What a joy giving!!! I love tithing and the blessings God gives out...the joy of giving and more!!! Why would anyone want to STEAL FROM GOD? When people don't tithe....they Steal from God and they stop the blessings God wants to give out. The average tithe is 2%....stealing 8% and stopping all the blessings and disobeying God (sinning).

God gives and gives and gives....he also purifies the heart by allowing things to happen that can be as great as what happened to Job....a jealous God....wants our hearts to desire purely nothing but Him. Not loved ones, not our health, not our ego, not the church building, not anything but God. Sometimes prayers are Not answered for several could be to purify our hearts (making us saintly! but a hard walk and worth it at the end), one could be sin in the way, one could be unbelief, one could be cause it was not his will.....I always ponder things in my heart and I ask God when it is needed to know him better.

Once I asked for no snow....we got tons of was very dangerous trying to get to work....I asked God why when I got to work finally.....and God said cause his children had no school now and could enjoy the snow for 3 days! What a wonderful sight seeing snowmen, snow forts...etc on the way home! The heart of God said "no" to my prayer cause it was needed to answer the prayer of a tender hearted child!!! What a blessing he said "no"!

I love God and his surprises!!!

 2005/2/16 8:04

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