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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : 50 Christians burned to death in pastor's home

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Every true pulpit in America should be reading these martyr stories weekly.

You talk about the things that you care about.

You are silent and mute on those of which you do not care.

Scary thought.

(though I want to say this - not every story of persecution is because of true faith of Jesus. Many who are killed are actually not saved, because they have not saving faith)

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If you want news on the persecuted nations, you can go to Open Doors International (and choose the countries that you like). Pls see link.

This news was also reported in Opendoorsusa


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by RighteousNew on 2012/7/16 19:54:58

re: When I see a "Christian" news agency reporting I'll look for another source to confirm it.

If you looking for that you gone be in trouble and deceived tremendously.

Islam - the blatant religion of Satan.

*** brothers and sisters who are being killed and tortured by Islamic wicked men: rejoice for you are worthy to suffer for Christ! I weep with you.***

These words concern me bro. When it comes to news a person should always look for multiple sources to confirm its validity. It is like have multiple witnesses even if some of those witness may be enemies of the state or a religion.

If a news agency seems pushes for an emotional response then we most definately either run from it or look for a more balanced approach to the store. For me, WND is unbalanced - bordering heavily on conspiracy stuff but if you can find that same story in 2 other sources with rational thought involved then you will have valid story to talk about. Otherwise it becomes nonsense.


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Again I recommend Compass Direct and Forum 18 News. Thrse are two good sources of news about the persecuted without going OTT.


 2012/7/17 20:32

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