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 50 Christians burned to death in pastor's home

Fifty members of a northern Nigerian church were burned to death in their pastor’s house.

The attack by armed gunmen was only the first in a 12-village spree of violence that left over 100 dead in northern Nigeria’s Plateau State, a region that had previously been outside Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram’s operational area and is the homeland of the largely Muslim Fulani tribesmen.
Yet Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the attacks and threatened even more violence.

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 Re: 50 Christians burned to death in pastor's home

What other media outlets will carry this kind of story? I ask this because WND tends to be very sensationalistic and feeds off of societies emotions too much. As a result, I find it hard to read anything on the site and take it seriously. This story I heard on SRN, I believe, so I know it is factual. I just don't know if WND's account is totally accurate.


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 Re: 50 Christians burned to death in pastor's home

This is from the New York Times

I too am like you deadn, I find WND sometimes goes over the top on their articles. When I see a "Christian" news agency reporting I'll look for another source to confirm it.

 2012/7/16 20:37

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re: When I see a "Christian" news agency reporting I'll look for another source to confirm it.

If you looking for that you gone be in trouble and deceived tremendously.

Islam - the blatant religion of Satan.

*** brothers and sisters who are being killed and tortured by Islamic wicked men: rejoice for you are worthy to suffer for Christ! I weep with you.***

- 1 Peter 5:7, the Holy Word,
casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for you. -

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tell me this: where you think the strongest believers are going to immerge from - America or Nigeria?

watch out now!

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The strongest believers will come out of the persecuted nations. Someone remarked to me one hour spent in the presence of someone who has gone through persecution will expose the shallowness of ones faith.

Compass Direct and Forum 18 News are probably the most solid places to go for news on persecuted nations.


 2012/7/16 23:23

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A few Muslims told they can't pray in the middle of the street; front page news.

50 Christians murdered: SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN (It'a Japanese onomatopoeia for complete silence, as it's the most fitting word I could think of).

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As regards the persecuted church, there generally is silence.


 2012/7/17 8:02

 Coming to a Walmart near you.

"I find WND sometimes goes over the top on their articles. When I see a "Christian" news agency reporting I'll look for another source to confirm it."..ditto Approved.

I could not find it at Fox or the BBC, but saw many references from smaller agencies about the killings in Nigeria, but not this specific one. I'll assume it is true, but whether or not, at least 500 have been murdered there for there faith.

Once Islam is strong enough, and I believe it will be, America is in her cross-hairs. Events like this will be common, and Christian blood will flow like rivers. This is the modus-operandi first displayed in the Crusades as the Muslim began to encroach upon Europe.

The Crusades
There are many background events that led to the crusades. Christianity during its infancy was spread by individuals sharing their faith and belief in Christ with others. Islam by contrast very quickly began a history of using the sword (warfare) to spread its beliefs.

Is it fair to blame Islam for contributing to the Crusades? Many people like to blame only Christianity: "Five centuries of peaceful coexistence elapsed before political events and an imperial-papal power play let to centuries-long series of so-called holy wars that pitted Christendom against Islam and left an enduring legacy of misunderstanding and distrust."

Those ‘scholars’ and authors who hold Christianity responsible for all the ills of the Crusades conveniently overlook or disregard the hundreds of years prior to the first Crusade that involved the Muslims attacking and subjugating thousands of Christians.

The truth is that for the five centuries before the Crusades, Islam had been slaughtering and enslaving whole nations and groups of Christians. During this time period large numbers of Christian churches were wiped out, forced to convert, or forced into dhimmitude (a way of life similar to slavery and being second class). "..more here.
We are witnessing the 2nd great awakening of Allah, and his desire is for you and me, and he will enforce his will by force and terror. I sincerely believe that in the near future this type of horror will be coming to a Walmart nearby.; right down on Main street.

The events we see today, with the "Arab Spring"
and various Jihad movements like the Muslim brotherhood, Hezbullah, Al Quiada etc. is mushrooming, and they have a global strategy, and it parallels the Prophecies given in Revelation about the Beast, and the mark of the Beast. This spirit wants to subdue the world, and it's nature is to murder everyone who will not submit.

On a personal note: Why am I so numb? I feel detached and almost ambivalent about these events. This is my family, and surely many of these people were born again, and true Christians, as much as I am I suppose. I need to get ahold of God's heart and burden about these issues, and I do not have them. I need a brokenness again, a deep repentance to Him, where I may capture His Grief , sorrow and mercy..even for the murderer.

I am going to this region in September as an Ambassador of Christ; Eritrea. It is on the US "Beware" list, and supports Al-Quiada like groups there, and has imprisoned at least 3000 Christians there without trial or representation. There have also been reports of Government abductions and murder of Christians.

Pray for me, Brothertom, for deliverance from this body of death, and a broken and contrite, believing heart. If I do not get ahold of this in that way, I fear for my life....which I should not either way.

 2012/7/17 8:11

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 Re: Coming to a Walmart near you.

When you read the Koran fully, you quickly realize that the stereotypical verses you hear of that book are indeed true. Basically: kill the devil infidels of which Jews and Christians are called by name.

America wants to reject the Holy Word of God and try their hand at full fledged secularism, well get ready for it.

What happened in Michigan with the attempted murder of the preacher will become much more common.

Christians, and you specifically, need to take stand and call Islam what it is: the faith of Satan and how they do the works of their father the devil. See Jesus' words of John 8

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