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 David Wilkerson

I just listened to David Wilkerson's message on this site called "The Coming Persecution". THis was apparently recorded in the 1960's. I hate to say it... but it sounds to me that his "prophecies" were only about 50% correct. And of the 50% that does seem to have been correct, most of it was so obvious that my 8 yr old could have made those "predictions".

Just wondered if anyone has heard it, and what your thoughts are.


 2005/2/14 16:12

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 Re: David Wilkerson

One thought came to mind.

Isaiah said the messiah would come and it took like 400 years.

Jonah said that niniva would be destroyed yet God spared it.

Some say God is slow in acting but I say he just waiting for the Right time, his.

I think that stuff probably will happen.

I just do.

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First, as to the date: Dave Wilkerson is obviously preaching about what he wrote in "The Vision." He didn't have this vision until the very early 70's. Also, if I heard right, in the very beginning of the sermon he mentioned that it had been 12yrs since the publishing of "The Cross and the Switchblade." That book was published in 1963, so this would actually place the date of the sermon around 1975.

As to the immediacy of the fulfillments of the prophecies, Wilkerson never put a date on when they would take place even if he said in the next few years. One characteristic of prophecy is the feeling of immediacy given by the one prophecying. When Eve was given the word by the Lord that her seed would crush the head of Satan she named her first son Cain which Eve said "I've gotten a man from the Lord" This can be translated "I've gotten a man [i]even[/i] the Lord." She thought, and much to her disappointment, that Cain was the fulfillment of that prophecy, but it wouldn't be fulfilled until thousands of years later in Jesus Christ.

Now, it's easy to look at these prohecies as easy, but if you remember he was prophecying about filth on TV in a time when actors were not allowed to be shown in their undergarments, and married couples still slept in seperate beds on sit-coms. Persecution in the Church in America was an absolutely foreign idea.

Finaly, this subject has been thoroughly ARGUED in the past on SI so much so that it is not even worth going through again. So for the time being I'm going to lock this topic until Greg and Mike take a look and decide if they want to open it back up.

In Christ,
Jeremy Hulsey

Jeremy Hulsey

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