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 Bless YOU!

Glasser! Yep, I've come across Glasser in my curiosities!

And I've heard of "Reality Therapy"!!!

I have a question for your advising, Jesus-Is-God:

If it is the Lord's will for me to pursue this profession of Christian psychotherapy research and practice, do you think that anchoring it into Glasser's research would help to promote or add credibility to this branch of psychology?

My mother worked in a state mental hospital for 22 years and it so saddens me when she reports that the same individuals who were receiving inpatient treatment when she first started were there when she retired recently.

Reality therapy would be a promising combo with Christian psychology, as God is a realist.

Remember, before the Fall, man saw objects and the world "as they REALLY are" without the distrotion of self-perception.

Just imagine, Jesus-Is-God, before the Fall, man's perception was so rooted in truth that God entrusted Adam with "naming" and labeling His creation.

God allowed man to participate in the development of reality!!! After self-consciousness replaced God's perception, man was immersed into a metaphysical nightmare!

There must be something that is deceptive unto death about man's own perception. Man's perception and conception about things as they really are is wrong. Wrong because truth cannot be filtered through self-perception without distorting it.

Ugh! It reminds of how stupid I can be when I was first fascinated with George Berkeley's philosophy through which, he coined the phrase "to Be is to be perceived" (esse est percipi) the starting point of any epistemology. Perceived by what or Whom?

This is reality if the "perceiver" is the Lord alone. Reality is all that matters to God. Thank God, we matter to Him. Thank God.

Reality is what metaphysicists have grappled with age after age. An effective reality therapy has to first acknowledge and identify the nature of the "qualified perceiver" - God alone (in the triune Godhead).

Man as a "perceiver" becomes a "deceiver", yeah?

Thanks for listening and responding,



 2012/7/16 14:17Profile

 Re: Bless YOU!

Mutual thanks for your responses.

Oh, I do think Glasser's foundational stucture is definitely biblical, even if he himself may not have developed his construct from the Word.

Reality therapy is based upon what he calls "choice theory" but I wouldn't have called it "theory" but Biblical truth.
He doesn't allow clients to sit in their pasts but takes them to "today".
The place where he could use help in, is where he focuses on "a person to love". Not everyone has that privilege and it's risky to put all of one's well-being in another human being. That's where we Biblicize Glassers' work.
GOD is 'the object' of love, replacing the human in Glasser teaching.
I love his work because he doesn't believe in dependence on the therapist nor drugs - though that's his goal for them and not necesarrily his initial mode with a new client.

He came to his discovery in a VA hospital where he worked back in the 60's.

One of my favorite stories that was relayed to me by a top psychiatrist that I learned from, was that they came up with a plan in a psych-ward, for the staff to begin to "act nuts" themselves. In no time, the patients began to say to one another that they needed to "get it together" to keep the place running tightly because the staff was obviously losing it. Well, the patients did "pull it together" and the point of the experiment was made. Even some of their most psychotics got a type of shock therapy out of it, as they shook themselves into action to keep the ward from fragmenting totally. :) I love it!

The same follower of Glasser therapy said, "the line between sanity and insanity in how a person CHOOSES to Cope."

Yup, it's true and Biblical besides.

I don't know how old you are, as far as starting studies for a career, but even persuing some of the things we've discussed, helps in helping others in our everyday lives.

Shock therapy, as in, 'by words only', and only the Holy Spirit can lead when to use that part. Of course you won't find the Holy Spirit in Glasser's works, but nevertheless - it's good to have a secular psychiatric source to refer back to when questioned on our beliefs on man's actions are by his own choosing ... as in 'sin' and self-centeredness.

It's a calling Brother and I've had it since I was 12 and read my first Psych book at that time. Chucked all but Glasser, later in life. Only need him when the secular world asks questions of our belief in accountabilty, responsibility for actions - all from 'choice'.

Yes, it's a pleasure and a mind saver as well - if and when we find ourselves under intense pressures. Amen!

Thanks, KP!

 2012/7/16 17:07

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